Monday, 31 December 2012

Shalee lhaih 07

Wooish! Lesh fakin jerrey ny bleeaney roshtyn, ta mee er jionney er jiu er son cosney beg jerrinagh.

Jea, ta mee er lhaih The Great Hedge of India as Oresama Teacher (y.l. 1). Chammah's shen, ta mee er scryssey daa lioar elley jeh'n rolley er y fa dy vel mee er nyn lhaih tammylt er dy henney (barriaght!) as er geau magh lioar ny ghaa t'er ve ayms rish bleeantyn gyn goll er lhiah.

Myr shen, rish baase ny bleeaney, ta'n rolley soit ec 112 lioar ry-lhaih as 27 lhiait aym rish mysh 6 shiaghteeyn. Cha nel shoh moal, er lhiah, as 3 jeu ayns çhengaghyn joarree, as wheesh dy 'eailley goll er 'sy traa shen.

As shalee 2013? Wahll, shegin dou troggal er y bun shoh, nagh nhegin? Myr shen, t'eh foym y rolley shen y yiarrey sheese dys y lieh: 56 lioaryn ny ny sloo rish jerrey 2013. Vaikmayd!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Shalee lhaih 06

Gyn leshtallyn. Daa hiaghtin, tree lioaryn. Cha cosoylagh eh dou yn çhalee shoh y chooilleeney, agh shen myr t'eh. Mannagh row mee er ngeddyn wheesh dy lioaryn noa nagh row er y rolley ry-lhaih hannah, veign er gosney, foddee. Inshym shen dou hene, aghterbee... Ta 115 lioaryn er y rolley foast. Ghow mee toshiaght lesh 149 er y rolley, as ta mee er lhaih 25 neayr's shen, as er scryssey kuse jeh'n rolley er caghlaaghyn oyr (myr sampleyr, lioaryn clashtynagh as lioaryn cur sheese).

Lhaih mee Suzunari (yl. 1), Igam Ogam, as Genkaku Picasso (y.l. 2) 'syn daa hiaghtin shoh chaie. Nee'm my chooid share ben elley y lhaih mairagh, er son moyrn.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Er faarkaghyn nagh heill ee rieau nyn lheid

Hannee y Captan rish radling ny puirt, gee ooyl dy moal, as clashtyn rish yllagh ny follian. Leayst y lhong bwoailt dy smooinaghtagh: Arrane ny Geayee. V'ad ass Loghlynn jea, dinsh eh dy gennal, as son yn Eearvooir noght. Agh da'n inneen veg ruy roie n'oi, as hug leshtal, as hebb oarnag villish, loayr eh er faarkaghyn elley foast, as er nane-yeig er y chlag.

By fastyr geuree ee tra daag Arrane ny Geayee cour Nerin as y sheear. She arrane kiune v'ayn y fastyr shen, as by litçheragh ad ny tonnyn. Snaue yn Arrane nyn drooid, gollrish thunnag vraew oayllaashagh.

Hannee y Captan ny hassoo tost, as blakey magh trooid uinniagyn daahit ec bleeantyn dy gheay hailjey as ushtey feie, er y vooir as ish conghorraghey.
"Jannoo traa mie, Chaptan."
"Braew, braew."
Cha cheau eh shilley erbee er y phabyr buigh roish, lane linnaghys as shennaghys.

Beggan er veggan, hyndaa glass glonney dys doo scaanagh, as seiy y lhong trooid oie ayns cummey ushtey. Va'n speyr roue bentyn rish y cheayn as ren ad co-lheie, do nagh row ny rollageyn hene ry-scarrey voish y ghlistral er yn ushtey. Haink trimmid cadlee er y skimmee, as fer as fer, ghooin ny sooillyn oc. Huitt ad dy meein ayns ny soieagyn oc; as rish yn aavainshtyr leaystey er e chassyn, skeayll magh y Captan laue mooar fondagh, as stiurey eh da'n laare dy sauçhey.

Ny lomarcan, lhig eh da'n wheeyl stiurey ee hene, bunnys. Ren eh filley e laueyn mygeayrt cappan stainnagh, as tannaghtyn ny hassoo, soo stiagh çhiassid taitnyssagh y jough as jeeaghyn magh er oie as ushtey mestit. Jirree skeabey meein ny tonnyn da, myr sonsheraght ainjyssagh vayrey rish y lhiabbee. Voogh eh ny londeyryn, son nagh beagh gaue da baatey erbee nish, as mongey lesh ennaghtyn y shenn charrey shiaulley cho kiune. Lheie ad 'syn oie gyn heean, as voish y chiouyl huitt neose bineyn sailjey, nyn jeirnyn scarree, dys y cheayn foddey foue.

As yeeagh inneen ruy lieh ny cadley fo ny curtanyn, as fakin floag dorraghey roish yn eayst ard 'ailtagh.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Excel: library heatmaps

A quick discussion of a recent project involving COUNTIF, SUMIF, INDEX, named ranges and production of a heatmap using a surface chart.

I was recently asked to do what turned into a fairly fiddly statistics project. A university library has moved to new premises, and the new building has a mixture of furniture types: armchairs, small café-style tables, large desks and so on. They want to monitor usage of the different furniture, to find out whether they've got the right mix for their students, or whether anything should be changed. This means tracking the number of students in each category of furniture at each counting time.

There are a few layers of complication.

  • There are several counting times each day, so there's nested/duplicate data. This basically introduces a three-axis analysis: tracking the number of students in each type of seating at each time on each day. It also means that analyses over time will need to collate the information for each day, as will analyses by time of day.
  • Counts can't always be taken, depending on staff availability, so sampling will be erratic.
  • Furniture has been broken down heavily as a starting point, but may need regrouping later.
  • A graduate study room is to be tracked as well, but separately from the main library.

I set up the usual table structure: ever-increasing Time and Date rows as the rows, and the furniture types as fixed columns, with a Total column at the end to sum the students in the library at any time. There's also a secondary column to track the Graduate room. I named this Readercount, and defined it as follows:

=OFFSET( 'Raw data'!$A$2, 0, 0, COUNTA('Raw data'!$A:$A), COUNTA('Raw data'!$2:$2) )

This creates a dynamic named range, which expands as new rows are added to the bottom. What it's doing is:

Select this stuff(Location of first cell I want, move down 0 rows, move across 0 cols, select a number of rows equal to (the number of rows in column A containing data), select a number of cols equal to (the number of cols in row 2 containing data )

In other words: get the first cell in the block, then select all the rows and all the columns that are in use.

It starts at Row 2, because row 1 contains values for the number of seats in each section, as I'll explain in a moment.

Using names rather than just blocks of cells has two advantages. One is that I can use dynamic ranges, which is really useful for calculations like sum and mean values. The other is that you don't have to worry about formulae breaking in unexpected way if you move, delete or add cells - as long as the name still selects the right cells, all formulae based on it should still work. It also helps pinpoint mistakes in formulae, because names are more transparent and simpler than cell references. You can avoid repeatedly defining complex cell ranges and risking mistakes.

Calculating usage

A heatmap seemed like a sensible and intuitive way to map the average usage of each seating type, and show how it changes over time. For the 'heat', I decided to use the percentage of the seating type that was in use. I added in a row giving the number of seats of each type, and named it Seats - this is row 1.

On a new sheet, I did some test analyses to make sure things were working. For any complex work, I tend to go through step-by-step progression, which is a habit from coding, but also a useful way to check I actually know what I'm doing. This makes it much easier to pick up on typos, data entry errors and other confounding factors, before getting into complex formulae. Since I didn't really know what I was trying to do, I faffed about with several ideas and several new functions before getting something really useful; I won't bother discussing the mistakes and dead ends. I ended up with three main blocks of calculation.

The first is a simple block of potential usage. This calculates how many seats were available in each seating type, in each timeslot - adjusted to account for the number of counts taken. It shows the maximum possible students who could have been recorded.

This is a simple COUNTIF. I gave a timeslot in column B, and each successive column had a version of the following code:

=COUNTIF( Readercount, $Bthis row) * INDEX(Seats,0,column)

The row always matches the current row; this selects the timeslot value in column B as the timeslot you want to filter for with COUNTIF. Using $B allows easy drag-and-fill of the other columns. The column value picks the column from range Seats that matches the seating type.

In other words:

=COUNTIF( Readercount, this timeslot) * INDEX(Seats,0,this seating type )

Count up instances in the Readercount block of this timeslot, and multiply them by the number of seats listed for this seating type in the Seats block.

Note that with INDEX, if you enter 0 for the row or column, it will pass through every row or column in the chosen range. This is crucial to the COUNT* and SUM* formulae. If you enter a specific row and a specific column, it'll only look up one specific cell.

Next I calculated the actual seat usage: the total number of people who used each type of seating during each timeslot. I gave a timeslot in column B, and each successive column (representing a seating type) had a version of the following code:

=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,2), $Brow, INDEX(Readercount,0,column) )


=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,timeslot), this timeslot, INDEX(Readercount,0,this seating type) )

Go through all rows in Readercount. Whenever the value in the Time column matches our timeslot value, find the column in that row that corresponds to the current seating type, and add its value to a running total.

In practical terms: total number of readers counted in that slot

Thirdly, I calculated the mean seat usage, by taking the total usage and dividing by the number of counts for the timeslot in question. Luckily, there was no variation in counts between the seating types, only between timeslots, so that's one less thing to worry about. As always, I gave a timeslot in column B, and each successive column (representing a seating type) had a version of the following code:

=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,2), $Brow, INDEX(Readercount,0,column) ) / COUNTIF(Readercount, $Brow)


=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,timeslot), this timeslot, INDEX(Readercount,0,this seating type) ) / COUNTIF(Readercount, timeslot)

Here's a timeslot and a seating type. For every timeslot value in Readercount that matches our chosen timeslot value, get that row's entry for our chosen seating type, and add it to a running total. Finally, divide that total by the number of counts made for this timeslot.

In practical terms: total number of readers counted in that slot / number of counts in that slot

Finally, I worked up to the percentage usage. This was simply the mean seat usage multiplied by 100.

=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,2), $Brow, INDEX(Readercount,0,column) ) / ( COUNTIF(Readercount, $Brow) * INDEX(Seats,0,column)) * 100


=SUMIF( INDEX(Readercount,0,timeslot), this timeslot, INDEX(Readercount,0,this seating type) ) / ( COUNTIF(Readercount, timeslot) * number of seats available ) * 100

For every timeslot value in Readercount that matches our chosen timeslot value, get that row's entry for our chosen seating type, and add it to a running total. Divide that total by the number of counts made for this timeslot multiplied by the number of seats in the room. Finally, multiply by 100 to give a percentage figure.

In practical terms: total number of students counted in that slot / hypothetical maximum number that could have been counted * 100

For the actual heatmaps, I selected relevant cells from the percentage usage block, and created a surface chart. There were several changes necessary.

  • The default interval for the 'heat' (percentage usage) scale was 20. I had to tweak this by going into the Depth Axis, and setting the Major Unit to 10.
  • The default colours are revolting and useless for a heatmap. Astonishingly, there doesn't seem to be any simple way to specify a gradient for the colours used, or any preset colour ranges. You can, however, add a gradient fill to the legend, and you can add a gradient as the fill for a single value: I can't think of a single reason why you'd ever want to do either of these things. Baffling. I had to manually go through each 'band' on the legend and set its fill colours.
  • The vertical time axis automatically places the earlier values at the bottom of the scale. I found this unintuitive, and flipped it (Format Axis > Options > Series in Reverse Order).
  • A graduate study room is to be tracked as well, but separately from the main library.

The heatmap indicates that the “South Desk” and “West Desk” are by far the most popular, that the “Comfy Chairs” and “Oval Table” are the least popular, and shows up the generally higher occupation rates between 11.30-5.30pm, which correspond to more students present.

On request, I also created a line graph of the seating usage, with each timeslot as a separate line. Compared to the heatmap, this emphasised the pattern of use for each seating type. It demonstrated that this was more or less constant throughout the day, except for a slightly increased tendency to use armchairs at the end of the day, based on a small sample of counts at this time.

Analysing the graduate data proved considerably fiddlier, even though it's a single column of data. I'll discuss that in another post. EDIT: Other post is now up.

If anyone is interested, you can get a (slightly cleaned-up, but hopefully otherwise unchanged) copy of the spreadsheet here.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Shalee lhaih 05

She shiaghtin harroogh v'ayn: cuirrey kiaull, jinnair obbreeyn Nollick a.r.e. As mish skee dy liooar, ta mee er lhaih lioaryn aashagh son y chooid smoo.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, lhaih mee Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends (y.l. 1), The disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan (y.l. 1), Point Blanc, The Moon of Gomrath as Genkaku Picasso (y.l. 1).

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shalee lhaih 04

...cha nel mee feer vie ec screeu ny postyn shoh. Ny lhaih dy tappee noadyr.

Yn daa hiaghtin shoh chaie, lhaih mee Language in Society, Zoo Quest to Madagascar, Achtung! Vranek sieht ganz harmlos aus, The Diary of a Nobody as How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Ren mee lhaih mysh y chied jeihoo jeh Triple Zero as faagail magh er y fa nagh vel mee dy firrinagh son goaill toshiaght lhaih y carnane lioaryn shen ta jannoo magh y Star Wars Expanded Universe, as myr shen er lhiam nagh row eh feeu ceau ooilley'n traa shen lhaih lioar nagh ghoym y share assjee.

Skeeal recortyssit: Yn Lioar

Er bun nagh cooin lhiam dy leayr nish, ren mee briwnys dy phrowal skeealyn clashtynagh traa ennagh, as myr shen tra mee er nyannoo recortys jeh "Yn Lioar" liorish Lovecraft, çhyndaait aym pene. Ta'n recortys ry-gheddyn ayns my choontey Dropbox (kiangley jeeragh da'n choadan).

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Scarrey caarjyn, as caashey greddan

Ren co-chummaltagh aym faagail y thie noght, erreish da tree bleeantyn cummal marym. Va fys aym dy yinnagh rish meeghyn, agh ta ennaghtyn quaagh 'sy chooid ny yei shen. T'ou uss çheet dy ve ainjyssagh rish sleih ayns lheid y traa, as ta'n thie beggan lomarcan nish - ga dy vel co-chummaltagh elley ayns shoh foast. Nagh quaagh eh yn aght ta assaaraght ny red fondagh ny keayrtyn?

Ta'n "oast" ain nyn goonceil chillagh, as she "traa dy liooar" y fockle arrey oc son y chooid smoo, agh by vie lhieu dy voin ynnydagh jee dy leah. T'ad gra "veagh Jerrey Geuree dy mie" - wahll, daue, foddee. Cha nel mee son goaill toshiaght co-akin as surranse peiagh ennagh ymmyrkey stiagh 'sy traa tarroogh shoh roish y Nollick - va boirey dy liooar ayn hannah mleeaney!

Er cooish elley, ren Pear loayrt er bee as ymmyrkey geuree, as dooyrt mee dy nee caashey greddan eh y reih vee-gerjee aym. Shoh heese ny share lhiam:

Caslys jeh caashey greddan er arran greddan oarlagh er çheeid, as ymmodee caaylag chammah.  Ard-vlasstal!

Yiar mee daa veer d'arran oarlagh er çheeid, as ad y ghreddaney rish thurrick do veagh eh brishlagh (agh myr vaikys oo, foddee, ta'n arran shoh greddaney dy tappee). She arran gyn enney v'ayn, chionnee mee eh voish Sainsburys er lhiam, agh va breck resh lus y chadlee ooilley harrish. Eisht yiar mee Red Leicester 4-5 millimeadar e.ç. as eh y laaraghey er yn arran. Ersyn skeayll mee beggan Cheddar lajer, er son aalid as anaase blassagh. Er y derrey yeh vreck mee pibbyr doo, as er y jeh elley druight ny marrey as teim, er lhiam. Myr glasseraght, vroie mee carnane caaylagagh: y reih ghlasserey aym, s'cosoylagh. Son y chooid smoo ta mee gaarlaghey daa ny tree glassraghyn, agh er lhiam dy vel caashey greddan ny lhongey neuchrampit as glen; share dou gyn milley feerid ny beaghey liorish mestey rouyr blassyn aynsyn.

V'eh yindyssagh.


(As per, this is a broadly similar rewrite, not a translation. Translating is hard.)

My old, established housemate has just moved out, and left the place feeling pretty odd somehow. It's that weird point where absence feels like a presence, if that makes sense. My other housemate's still around though. I've know for ages she'd be moving out to bigger and better things (and cheaper housing, I suspect) but it still takes some adjusting to.

The "landlord" - actually a church owns my house, but it's not much different from any landlord - are normally very laid-back, but have started saying it'd be nice to get a new tenant by January. Not for me, it wouldn't. There's been quite enough kerfuffle and stress this year without trying to cram in interviews and yet another bout of disruption to the house before Christmas. Also I'd rather not have (potentially) a new housemate left on their own during Christmas after very little time in the house. Next year's time enough.

Moving on, Pear talked about winter food and habits and I mentioned I like slabs of cheese on toast, which in my idiolect I call "mak". The pic above shows a prime example I made this week.

It's a couple of inch-thick slabs of some bread I picked up in... Sainburys?... with poppy seeds on, not that that matters. I toasted it for half a minute to get it a bit crisp, although it turns out it toasts very quickly as you may see. I put a layer of Red Leicester 4-5mm thick on it, then spread a bit of strong Cheddar for interest and colour. I put black pepper on one slice, and (I think) rosemary and thyme on the other. I had a mound of sprouts for vegetables, they being my favourite and newly available. Normally I make a few veg with any meal, but I appreciate cheese on toast as a simple, well-defined meal and I don't like diluting that by throwing in a lot of different flavours.

It was beast.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Raaueyn thooilley

Lesh yn emshir t'ayn nish, ta'n awin ard as tappee dy liooar, agh cha nel mee boirey er shen dy cadjin. Ny yei shen, tra ta'n co-chummaltagh ayd cur çhaghter dhyt dy vel meoir-shee er jeet shaghey as cur raaue er thooilley, as oddagh ee scughey dys shamyr er y nah laare...

Haink mee 'sy traa kirbyl aym dy 'eddyn magh c'red va goll er. Ta lught ass y Jantys Çhymmyltaght troggal cleigh scarree awiney ree, dy shickyr. Ren mee cooney lhee stooghyn scanshoil y scughey voish y laare, do veagh beggan traa dyn sauail my ta thooilley çheet, agh cha nel monney elley ymmydoil dy yannoo. Cha jagh y raad ain er baih ayns cooinaghtyn deiney bio, myr shen er lhiam dy vel shin sauçhey.

Ny yei shen...

Reayrt voish uinniag harrish straid veg as awin freaynagh
Reayrt er awin freaynagh, as thieyn feer faggys jee.  Er y çheu yesh, ta deiney ayns jaggadyn stroo-hoilshagh troggal cleigh scarree rish yn awin.

Saase Jeeragh Ankiagh

Kyndagh rish feysht er Cowag, ta mee er geau beggan traa er croo paggey Anki ass cooid Saase Jeeragh. T'eh goaill stiagh kuse dy heeanyn ass fockleyr cluinagh

Ta'n paggey ry-gheddyn ayns shoh: AnkiWeb Saase Jeeragh. T'eh çheet cooidjagh marish co-earrooderyn, myr shen foddee oo jannoo ymmyd jeh'n un phaggey er ymmodee co-earrooderyn. Chammah's shen, tra veesmayd cur stiagh kaartyn ny cooid noa 'sy phaggey, lhisagh ny kaartyn çhent ayds jannoo y red cheddin tra t'ou uss ad y noaghey. Cha nel lhieggan çhellvane Anki 2 aarloo foast, dy meeaighar, as myr shen cha nod oo jannoo ymmyd jeh er shooylvane.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Shalee lhaih 03

Beggan rah yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, as mish feer tarroogh. Hie mee ersooyl rish jerrey shiaghtin as mish smooinaghtyn "Yindyssagh, turryssyn traenagh liauyr; caa fondagh dy lhaih gyn goll er cleayney dys reddyn elley!" Agh va'n traen jingit, goll as çheet erash, as v'eh orrym shassoo rish cooid smoo y turrys gyn rheayms er son lioar hene! Cheayll mee rish creelaghyn-fynneigagh as accan er y chooish. Dy dooghyssagh, cha row monney traa seyr rish jerrey shiaghtin marish y lught-thie, as rish oieghyn ny shiaghtin ta mee er n'obbraghey dy anmagh, er ngoaill arrane, er n'ynsaghey Sheenish as er nyannoo obbyr yn thie. Myr shen, shegin dou goaill rish tree lioaryn 'syn çhiaghtin myr eiyrtys mie dy liooar. As fer jeu ayns Bretnish, ny jean jarrood!

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, lhaih mee In Other Rooms, Other Wonders as Language in Society.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shalee lhaih 02

Beggan rah yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, as mish feer tarroogh. Hie mee ersooyl rish jerrey shiaghtin as mish smooinaghtyn "Yindyssagh, turryssyn traenagh liauyr; caa fondagh dy lhaih gyn goll er cleayney dys reddyn elley!" Agh va'n traen jingit, goll as çheet erash, as v'eh orrym shassoo rish cooid smoo y turrys gyn rheayms er son lioar hene! Cheayll mee rish creelaghyn-fynneigagh as accan er y chooish. Dy dooghyssagh, cha row monney traa seyr rish jerrey shiaghtin marish y lught-thie, as rish oieghyn ny shiaghtin ta mee er n'obbraghey dy anmagh, er ngoaill arrane, er n'ynsaghey Sheenish as er nyannoo obbyr yn thie. Myr shen, shegin dou goaill rish tree lioaryn 'syn çhiaghtin myr eiyrtys mie dy liooar. As fer jeu ayns Bretnish, ny jean jarrood!

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, lhaih mee Codi Bwganod, Three Men on a Bummel (nah lioar y daalioar kianglt; lhiah mee y chied lioar bleeantyn er dy henney), as Halcyon Drift.

Beggan er veggan ta mee er aalhaihSunshine Sketch 6 rish fuirraghtyn er coirrey veg as reddyn myr shen. T'ee feeu!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Stoyral caabylyn

Beggan er dy henney, hug peiagh ennagh kiangley da rolley karraghyn bea feer anaasoil. Honnick mee nyn mast'oc eie dy stoyral cooid ghlennee ass roshtyn paitçhyn ayns cummeydane croghee braagyn. Wahll, cha nel y feysht shen aym, agh er lhiam dy nee eie vie v'ayn as hirr mee er ymmyd elley. Dy leah, daachooinnee mee dy row doilleeid beayn aym er coontey caabylyn: cha nel boayl baghtal dy stoyral ad ayn, myr shen t'ad nyn lhie ayns shoh as ayns shen, do nagh aashagh eh ad y 'eddyn. Myr t'ou ad y chur ayns kishtey ennagh (as c'raad vees y kishtey cummal?), t'ad cassey ry-cheilley gollrish cassag ardnieughyn, myr shen s'boiragh eh fer ynrican y hayrn magh as er lhiam dy nod oo jannoo assee daue liorish shen. Agh cre mysh cur ad ayns poagaghyn er lheh ta croghey er cooyl dorrysh?

Ta mee jeant bwooise lesh derrey nish. Cha nel caabylyn nyn orçh er fud ny shamyr, as foddym feddyn ad tra erbee by vie lhiam. Tra ta mee er chur jerrey er obbyr ennagh, ta boayl baghtal dou cur ad erash ayn. Er son costys £8 goaill stiagh leagh postagh? She reih leayr t'ayn.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Shalee lhaih 01

Wahll, yn jerrey shiaghtin shoh ta mee er lhaih tree lioaryn, goaill stiagh fer ayns lioar skeealyn çhaghlit ghow mee toshiaght dy lhiah mysh tree bleeantyn er dy henney. Whoof! Va fer elley ta mee er lhiah rish kuse dy laghyn 'sy traa kirbyl aym, agh fy-yerrey ren mee briwnys jea nagh row mee son boirey er jerrey'n skeeal. Cha row eh anaasoil dy liooar, cha row ny karracteyryn tayrnagh dy liooar, as er dy fa dy row er liauyr as beggan ro-ghraney* dou, cha row eh feeu.

*dy ghra myr shen, bentyn rish reddyn broigh as garroo, loayrt mychione sleih sallagh as reddyn groamagh, broid as dunverys as sollaghey-laue as brah - cha nee skeeal breinn v'ayn.

Er y laue elley, neayr's shen ta mee er veddyn shey lioaryn nagh row er y rolley ry-lhaih aym foast, as myr shen... mollaght, ta mee coayl foast!

Lhaih mee Geijutsuka Art Design Class 01, Bakuman 03, as treeoo lioar The Ravenor Omnibus.

Lieh-lhaih mee The Chatelet Apprentice (y lhieggan Baarlagh, cha nel 'sy Rangish...).

Saturday, 10 November 2012


A tower of used books - 8451

Wahll t'eh tayrn dys traa ny Nollick, nagh vel, as nagh bee taittin lhiam eh fakin baase ny bleeaney shoh t'ayn. Ta laghyn ruggyree y lught-thie faggys da'n Nollick as myr shen ta shin goaill toshiaght kionnaghey reddyn da'n cheilley ny (ny s'cadjiney) geearree er y cheilley cur cowrey ennagh - cowrey erbee! - er ny by vie lhieu geddyn da'n laa ruggyree as da'n Nollick.

Rere oash, ta mee geddyn lioaryn, as v'eh foym jus cur roish kuse dy lioaryn by vie lhiam ad y gheddyn. Cha nel shen doillee, eh? Hoi, tannee, ghooinney. Scuirr jeh kiart nish. Nagh vel lioaryn ayd nagh vel oo er nyn lhaih foast?

Yeeagh mee. Hoshiaght, va teaym aym: er lhiam dy row 143 lioaryn aym gyn lhaih. Agh cha nel, shen neuchiarailys: va 149 ec y chooid sloo. S'cosoylagh dy vel lioar ny ghaa elley nagh dooar mee foast. Wahll cha noddym (er chor erbee) lhaih y clane job-lot jeu roish y Nollick, agh t'eh foym jannoo red ennagh 'sy chooish, as myr shen ghow mee orrym pene y rolley y yiarrey dys 100 roish y Vlein Noa.

Wahll, shen lioar dagh laa, as fer elley dagh Jesarn as Jedoonee, fo ny harrish. Foddym ceau daa oor 'sy laa dy lhaih, dy shickyr?

Shoh y doilleeid noa: she lioaryn doillee t'ayn son y chooid smoo. Ta 38 jeu ayns çhengaghyn elley (na Baarle as Gaelg), goaill stiagh 8 ayns çhengaghyn nagh lhaih mee rieau lioar ayndaue. Shen obbyr feer voal, adsyn y lhaih! Ta 6 elley nyn eiyrtysee da lioaryn elley nagh vel mee er lhaih. Ta 40 elley jeant jeh tekslioaryn, ny lioaryn feer vooar nagh noddym lhaih ayns laa er chor erbee. Myr shen cha nel reih seyr aym...

Wahll, shegin dou goaill toshiaght, gyn screeu artyn bloggey!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Aght Twitter noa

Beggan er dy henney, ren mee aahaishbyney aght dy lhaih strooghyn Twitter as Weibo liorish RSS.

Wahll, ta Twitter er marroo yn aght shen beggan er dy henney. My t'ou er nyannoo ymmyd jeh hannah, bee ny kianglaghyn ayd foast geddyn naight, agh cha nod oo croo stroo RSS noa 'syn aght shen. Twitter mollaghtagh. Er lhiam nagh mie lhiat dy nod sleih lhaih strooghyn Twitter gyn listal ayn nyn hene...

Aghterbee, ta Falsinsoft er soilshaghey magh aght noa as ny sassey shen y yannoo. GMA!

  1. Fow coontey Twitter yn ymmydeyr t'ou stolkey
  2. Cur stiagh yn ennym coontey 'sy raa shoh: COONTEY
  3. Cur y kiangley heose stiagh 'sy jeeagheyder RSS ayd

Myr sampleyr, ta'n Ghreinneyder ry-lhaih myr RSS liorish

A while ago, I shared a way to read Twitter and Weibo feeds with RSS.

Since then, Twitter's broken that technique. You can still get feeds you've set up already, but you can't create new ones. Weird! Maybe they didn't like people being able to read Twitter without signing up for it, I dunno.

Anyway, Falsinsoft have found another way to work it. Cheers!

  1. Find the Twitter account you want to follow
  2. Add the account name (lowercase, it seems) to the following link: NAME
  3. Stick the link into your RSS reader

For example, the Greinneyder can be followed on RSS via:

Friday, 19 October 2012

Tostid 'sy lioarlann!

She shiaghtin skeeagh elley v'ayn. Ta shin tarroogh dy liooar. Shen ny haghyrys my t'ou jannoo un lioarlann ass daa, as freayll skimmee fer jeu dys tendeil ymmydeyryn y jees oc ta çheet da'n un voayl nish. Va daa wheesh ny h-ymmydeyryn jannoo famman dys cur erash daa wheesh ny lioaryn da lieh ny sleih dobbree lieh ny buird do nagh dod ny smoo jin cur shirveish eer dy row traa ain. Va barraghyn scudleelioaryn myr nah voalley rish ny boallaghyn, as dagh shirveishagh roie mygeayrt my fer keoie.

Ec y traa cheddin, ta ard-eiyr ayn. Hoshiaght, dy chredjagh oo rieau dy vel lioarlann ny voayl shee, jean aasmooinaghtyn. Ta'n boayl lane dy yeshaghtyn sheeanagh: co-earrooderyn, taishbyneryn boalley foawragh beilloo, jeshaghtyn coip-hollys, dagh fer jeu sheer-chronnaney eer tra nagh vel peiagh erbee bentyn roo. Ta çhellvaneyn oik, intercom as tree(!) coryssyn arree screeaghey er fud y laa, as mannagh vel, ta çhellvaneyn as radioyn laue ny dorysseyryn ry-chlashtyn dy baghtal trooid dorryssyn foshlit failtagh ny lioarlann. S'doillee eh feddyn magh my ta bun sheean ennagh mastey'n tharmane, ny loayrt rish sleih harrish yllagh y giat "sauçhys" ta shassoo noi peiagh neuloghtagh ennagh, as yllagh yn ourallagh boght tra ta'n giat dooney er e lurgaghyn. Ta'n giat jouyllagh shen screebey er ard lesh dagh peiagh goll ny hrooid, as eisht erash lesh cling; myr noi-chastey skeeys, ny keayrtyn t'eh aaghooishtey ass cadley boiragh, builley ry-cheilley myr ribbey roddan as cur magh sheean ny s'cooie da clag raauee çhennar fovooirane na da jeshaght stiuree entreilys ta currit ass nagh ren oo cur jee y kaartey ayd kiart er yn aght oardit. Gow padjer nagh jagh y larym arree lioaryn hene er bioyraghey! Ta'n gullyrnee shen dy liooar dy chur er fakideryn roie er çhea er son fastee, er deiney lajer giallaghey, as er shenn ard-scoillaryn baneaghey as tuittym dy trome noi boalley ennagh fo aggle. Foddee oo credjal dy vel peiagh ennagh fo drogh-ouyrys eab kynney-ghunverys, cha nel jus er n'eeassaghey lioar ennagh nagh ren ny lioarlannee aarlaghey dy kiart. Shen gyn çheet er beepyn as çherryn gyn scuirr lesh lioaryn goll er eeassaghey, glionnagyn goll er dooishtey as y corys intercom goll er brishey er lesh çhellvane creeney ennagh gyn coodagh fondagh, as frappal myr aile lane fuygh glass. Ta shligganys beayn lectraneagh ayn nagh lhiggagh dhyt ny sheeanyn y aarheynn; t'ad covestey myr sheer-tarmane ta soodraght harrish keeallyn castit myr mooir leoaie seiy.

'Sy choirrey çherragh cronnaneagh shoh, ta sheean beayn tarrarey boallaghyn, cur sheese caabylyn, bwoalley dorryssyn, builley coshey as obbraghey oardyn faggys as foddey jeed neuvaghtal, bunnys, da cleayshyn skee. Da peiagh erbee elley - noanee neuchreoit ta ventreil stiagh son y chied cheayrt 'sy çhiamble ynsee shoh - t'eh clashtyn dy vel ard-eailley electronica annymoil er lheh ayns Akihabara er ny crosh-skedjal marish taishbynys çhaghnoalleeaght lhieggey bleinoil yn teihll. Aigh vie nagh vel peiagh erbee geabbey dy obbraghey ayns shoh, eh?

As shen jerrey shayll 10-oor Jeheiney ec jerrey'n çhiaghtin. As ta mee gobbraghey mairagh myrgeddin. As kiart erash da'n fer oast aym cur stiagh - fy-yerrey, er dy shiaght shiaghteeyn! - jeshaght deayrtee noa (dgms, fer ta cur magh ushtey gyn screeaghey as gyn ceau lieh jeh trooid ny boallaghyn as sheese da'n çhamyr aarlee!) ta'n uinniag shamyr aarlee er ngoaill toshiaght lhiggey stiagh ushtey.

"T'eh tayrn dy traa ny lhiabbagh", myr shen.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

O2 broadband SMTP settings for Thunderbird 15

Due largely to some complicated housemate-changing, we've recently had utility-based turmoil. That's mostly sorted out now, and we've ended up on O2 broadband. Hey ho. I've nothing to complain about yet, at least in terms of the service, but I did have to spend a while digging up server settings for Thunderbird from all across the web. So I'll repost them here in case they help anyone.

As of today, the settings that work on Thunderbird 15 for Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP) are:

  • server name:
  • port: 25 (587 did not work, regardless of some comments elsewhere)
  • security: none (seriously, O2? not impressed)
  • authentication method: password, transmitted insecurely
  • user name:

Despite what some comments and the O2 website seem to suggest, you do not need an O2 email address to set this up. I was using a straightforward username to log into the O2 website; it currently invites you to use an email address instead, but I told it to skip that. Simply take whatever username you use to log into O2, which you set up while ordering the service, and which you can retrieve via a link in their emails. Use that username with as the user name. The password is the one for that login.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Car ny h-Oie

Snaue driaght ailey fritlagagh trooid y cheyll, sooillyn lostee leaystey noon as noal 'sy chonghorraghys. Va'n thalloo tash fo chosh kyndagh rish tree laghyn fliugh, as chrott eh er yn eaddagh ain. Cha daink agh meir ghoaney ny h-eayst trooid duillagys souree. Hooill shin dy moal agh dy jeean, as scrutaghey yn thalloo mygeayrt-y-mooin. Nish as reesht, haink yllagh ass scoarnyn skee, gyn freggyrt. Ren shin troagyraght roin, brishey slattagyn as broo renniee. Lheim rannagyn ass y raad, as vrish ushagyn magh ass ny crouwyn tra heiy shin nyn drooid, as accan orrin dy fergagh. Cha dug shin geill daue.

Rish oor er oor, ronsee shin mastey biljyn kiuney ny keylley, er son dooinney aeg as lurgey brisht echey, foddee. Cha dooar shin veg agh reddyn feie. She oie chraidagh v’ayn, chroo far-hannishyn kiart ayns eaishtaght as hug orrin rouail dy kinjagh lorgey orroo. Haink moghrey er y driaght boght, shiaght sleih broghe as feed, er troggloo, bunnys. Snaue shin erash da’n thie mooar as insh da’n venainshter nagh row y mac ry-gheddyn er chor erbee. S’taittin lhiam gra nagh cheayll mee ny dreggyr ee eisht, as mish my lieh-chadley liorish oie er choshey gyn aash. S’cosoyolagh eh nagh row eh cair da possan cheau yn oie er-e-son. Cha gooin lhiam shooyl dy croobagh dys y lhiabbee rish irree magh ny greiney as tuittym ayn, agh begin dou er nyannoo shen.

Va’n balley er-aile er coontey’n vac er shaghryn. Cha dooyrt mee veg, as cha ren mee boirey monney er-e-hon. Rish ymmyrkey thie bart connee rish keeiragh ny hoie, va mee er vakin y chaillin waagh fuirree er çheu ny loghey heear, as bundeil er yn assyl eck. Va mee er moaldey as mongey urree; as ny s’anmey, raad ta imman yiass y thie mooar roshtyn y bayr, va mee er vakin cummey ainjyssagh dorraghey sleetçhal cooyl billey, as er vockley magh er ard bannaght er creeghyn as graih ayndaue. As eisht va mee er ngoll thie jeant booise, as er chur sheese y brat aym as er nee, as er vuirraghtyn er y symney neuhaghnagh. Shimmey sannish foddey cheayll my chleayshyn yn oie shid ‘sy çhiar, as shimmey lorg neuvaghtal honnick mee, as shimmey oor derrey hyndaa driaght aile cour y logh rish dromm ny hoie as cur neuhastey da cowraghyn crubbey shenn assyl ennagh.

As rish Oie ny Bleeaney Noa, haink kishtey fuyghee gyn cowrey voish balley foddey ennagh, lane rosagyn çhirmit as moggaid vane nyn mast’oc; as urreeish va laue ennagh er ngrainney bannaght er creeghyn as graih ayndaue.

Jalloo er bun caslys Fir0002 ec Flagstaffotos, lesh kied CC-BY-NC Wikimedia Commons.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Yn Lioar, liorish Lovecraft

Yn Lioar

Georges de La Tour 008

Ta’n cooinaghtyn aym lane fud-y-cheilley. Cha nel mee shickyr eer er cre’n toshiaght oc; ny keayrtyn ta mee gennaghtyn reayrt atçhimagh dy vleeantyn skeaylley magh my yei, agh ny keayrtyn elley ta’n smooinaght orrym dy vel y tullagh t’ayn ny phoynt lomarcan mastey neuchreaghnys lheeah gyn cummey. Cha nel mee shickyr eer cre’n aght ta mee cur yn çhaghteraght shoh. Ta fys aym dy vel mee loayrt, agh ta’n eie neuloaghtagh orrym dy bee feme er sheealtaght whaagh ennagh, as agglagh, foddee, dys ymmyrkey ny ta mee dy ghra da’n eaishtaght chiarit aym. Erskyn shen, ta’n enney hene aym kayeeagh shaghrynagh. Er lhiam dy vel mee er surranse greain vooar — liorish aase eajee ennagh ny çhymshallyn dy haghyrtyn neuchredjallagh as gyn cosoylaght t’aym, foddee.

Gyn ourys, she shenn lioar lane beishteigyn va bun ooilley ny çhymshallyn ennee shen. S’cooin lhiam tra hooar mee ee, ayns boayl lieh-hoilshit faggys da’n awin ghoo ooillagh as beayn-chay cassey er-ny-skyn. She boayl feer shenn v’ayn, as va skellooyn lane dy lioaryn loauey roshtyn dys mullagh y thie; heeyn ad ersooyl gyn jerrey trooid shamyryn sthie as cuilleigyn gyn uinniag erbee. Nyn mast’oc va carnaneyn mooarey dy lioaryn neureajagh er y laare ny ayns coir awey; as by ayndaue hooar mee ish. Cha dynsee mee rieau yn ennym urree, va ny duillagyn leah caillt; agh doshil ee faggys da’n jerrey as cur dou falleays jeh red ennagh hug my cheeallyn er shaghryn.

Va formley ayn — rolley reddyn ry-yannoo as ry-ghra — as va enney aym er myr nhee doo as neulhiggit da deiney. Dy jarroo, nhee ennagh va mee er lhaih ersyn hannah ayns screeuyn keillt lane dy ghrayn as dy ghrualtys mestit, screeuit ec shenn reuyreyder quaagh ennagh ayns folliaghtyn arrit ny cruinney. Bynney lhiam ronsaghey teksyn ooiragh lheid ny deiney. She ogher v’ayn, ogher ny kaart-çheerey da giatyn as cassanyn va oaylyssee dreamal as sonsheraght my-nyn-gione rish aegid chloan gheiney. Giatyn da seyrsnys as toiggalys erskyn ny tree towshanyn, as ny rheamyssyn bea as stoo, ta shin oayllagh roo. Rish keeadyn cha by gooin lesh dooiney erbee cooid vreeoil ny lioar, ny boayll erbee v’ee foast ry-gheddyn aynsyn; agh by henn jeer ee y lioar shen. Cha nee clou ren ee; va laue vonnagh lieh-cheoie ennagh er dayrn ny raaghyn Ladjynagh baggyrtagh, ayns unshee shenndeeaght atçhimagh.

S’cooin lhiam smooirey yn çhenn dooinney, as y cowrey laue quaagh ren eh as mish cur lhiam ee ersooyl. Dobb eh argid erbee, as by foddey eh derrey hoig mee yn oyr. As mish kirtagh thie fo chay trooid straiddyn keylley lhoobagh çheu ny marrey, heill mee dy agglagh dy row spaagyn kiuney geiyrt orrym dy folliaghtagh. Er lhiam dy row olkys noa as foudagh cur bree bio da ny shenn thieyn tuittymagh mygeayrt-y-moom — myr dy row dorrys tastaght olk ennagh, dooint derrey nish, er vosley dy geyre. Er lhiam dy row ny h-uinniagyn sooillagh, ass kerrinyn diamanagh yeeastagh, blakey orrym — as va ny boallaghyn as gaabyllyn ass breek millchayit as fuygh fungyssagh jeean dy immeeaght as mish y vroojey. As mish gyn lhaih agh sleig sloo y roon ard-vollaghtagh roish my ghooin mee y lioar as cur lhiam ee ersooyl! S’cooin lhiam yn aght lhaih mee ee, ’sy jerrey — fo ghlass ’sy gharrad va mee foddey er ny ’lane chur da ronsaghey quaagh, as daah yn vaaish orrym. Va’n thie mooar feer chiune; cha row mee er ngoll seose derrey mean oie. Er lhiam dy row lught-thie aym ec y traa shid — agh ta enmyn as eddinyn caillt aym nish — as s’leayr dou dy row ymmodee sharvaantyn ayn. Cha s’aym cre’n vlein ynrican v’ayn; shimmey eash as towshan ta mee oayllagh rish neayr’s shen, as ta dagh eie v’aym er traa er ny lheie as aachroo. Lhaih mee fo hoilshey cainleyn, dy shickr — s’cooin lhiam sheer-drigey ny kerey — as nish as reesht haink clingyn ass shamyr chluig ennagh foddey jeem. Er lhiam dy dug mee tastey jeean quaagh da ny clingyn shid, as aggle orrym dy gluinnin toan gynoaltagh foddey foast nyn mast’oc.

Eisht haink y chied screebey as clabberey moandagh ec yn uinniag chlea hug reayrt ard erskyn mullee elley ny caayrey. Cheayll mee eh tra chronnee mee er ard nuyoo rane y chaayn bun-eashagh, as hoig mee er-creau y cheeall v’echey. Eshyn hedys shaghey ny grinnaghyn, chosnys eh scaa, as cha dod eh ve arragh reesht ny lomarcan. Va mee er dayrn magh — as va’n lioar dy jarroo ooilley shen va mee er gredjal jee. Yn oie shid hie mee shaghey ny grinney dys eeirey traa as reayrtys cassit, as erash ’sy gharrad rish y voghrey, yeeagh mee er boallaghyn as skellooyn as cooid, as fakin reddyn ayndaue nagh vaik mee rieau roish shid.

Chamoo dod mee arragh fakin y seihll ’sy chummey b’oayllagh dou. Gyn scansh da’n reayrt laaragh honnick mee, va blass y traa chaie dy kinjagh er as beggan y traa ry-heet dy kinjagh mestit aynsyn. ’Syn aght keilley noa stow shilley s’lhea orrym, va dagh nhee b’oayllagh dou ayns cummey joarree. Er dyn yn oie shid, hooill mee ayns ashlish ard-yindyssagh ass cummaghyn lieh-ainjyssagh as gyn enney; as ny smoo grinnaghyn hie mee nyn drooid, ny sloo leayr yn enney v’aym er nheeghyn ny cruinney choon v’er my chiangley rish tammylt liauyr. Ny honnick mee mygeayrt-y-moom, cha vaik fer erbee elley eh; as haink mee dy ve daa wheesh cho fastagh as neuheshaghtagh er aggle dy derragh ad briwnys baanrid orrym. Ghow moddee aggle roym, er y fa dy dennee ad y scaa joarree nagh daag mee rieau. Ny yei shen as ooilley lhaih mee ny smoo — ayns lioaryn as scrollaghyn follit as jarroodit dashlee my hilley noa dou — as seiy roym trooid grinnaghyn oorey spoar, as ve, as dooghys vea, cour cree hene y dowan gyn enney.

S’cooin lhiam yn oie ren mee ny queig kiarkil cho-chiarklagh ailey er y laare, as shassoo ’sy vean oc canteyraght y litane eajee hug çhaghter Tartaragh dou. Ren ny boallaghyn lheie ersooyl, as geay doo mish y skeabey trooid çharvaalyn lheeah do-huntal as ard-vullee snaidagh sleityn gyn enney meeillaghyn foym. Rish tammylt haink lane dorraghys, as eisht soilshey jeih-thousane rollage ayns co-hollyssyn quaagh as joarree. Fy-yerrey honnick mee strah foddey foym fo hoilshey geayney, as cronnaghey urree tooryn cassit caayrey v’er ny troggal rere kiaddey nagh row mee rieau er vakin, ny lhaih ny dreamal er. As mish snaue ny s’faggys jee, honnick mee troggal foawragh kerrinagh cloaie ayns boayl follym, as haink scoagh owanagh orrym. Ren mee screeaghey as streppey, as erreish da merriuid ennagh va mee ’sy gharrad reesht, my surlley harrish ny queig kiarkil lossanagh er y laare. Ayns wandreilys ny h-oie shid, cha row ny smoo quaaghys na v’ec ymmodee oieyn elley; agh va ny smoo scoagh ayn, er fys dy row mee ny s’faggys da ny feaynidyn as seihill wooie na va mee rieau. Ny yei ghow mee ny smoo kiarail lesh pishagys, son cha row mian erbee aym dy gholl er giarrey jeh corp as thalloo ayns çharvaalyn gyn enney nagh dod mee rieau çheet erash voue.

Notey: Ta'n skeeal shoh ry-gheddyn myr skeeal clashtynagh lhaiht aym pene: recortys MP3

The Book

My memories are very confused. There is even much doubt as to where they begin; for at times I feel appalling vistas of years stretching behind me, while at other times it seems as if the present moment were an isolated point in a grey, formless infinity. I am not even certain how I am communicating this message. While I know I am speaking, I have a vague impression that some strange and perhaps terrible mediation will be needed to bear what I say to the points where I wish to be heard. My identity, too, is bewilderingly cloudy. I seem to have suffered a great shock — perhaps from some utterly monstrous outgrowth of my cycles of unique, incredible experience.

These cycles of experience, of course, all stem from that worm-riddled book. I remember when I found it — in a dimly lighted place near the black, oily river where the mists always swirl. That place was very old, and the ceiling-high shelves full of rotting volumes reached back endlessly through windowless inner rooms and alcoves. There were, besides, great formless heaps of books on the floor and in crude bins; and it was in one of these heaps that I found the thing. I never learned its title, for the early pages were missing; but it fell open toward the end and gave me a glimpse of something which sent my senses reeling.

There was a formula — a sort of list of things to say and do — which I recognised as something black and forbidden; something which I had read of before in furtive paragraphs of mixed abhorrence and fascination penned by those strange ancient delvers into the universe’s guarded secrets whose decaying texts I loved to absorb. It was a key — a guide — to certain gateways and transitions of which mystics have dreamed and whispered since the race was young, and which lead to freedoms and discoveries beyond the three dimensions and realms of life and matter that we know. Not for centuries had any man recalled its vital substance or known where to find it, but this book was very old indeed. No printing-press, but the hand of some half-crazed monk, had traced these ominous Latin phrases in uncials of awesome antiquity.

I remember how the old man leered and tittered, and made a curious sign with his hand when I bore it away. He had refused to take pay for it, and only long afterward did I guess why. As I hurried home through those narrow, winding, mist-choked waterfront streets I had a frightful impression of being stealthily followed by softly padding feet. The centuried, tottering houses on both sides seemed alive with a fresh and morbid malignity — as if some hitherto closed channel of evil understanding had abruptly been opened. I felt that those walls and overhanging gables of mildewed brick and fungous plaster and timber — with fishy, eye-like, diamond-paned windows that leered — could hardly desist from advancing and crushing me . . . yet I had read only the least fragment of that blasphemous rune before closing the book and bringing it away.

I remember how I read the book at last — white-faced, and locked in the attic room that I had long devoted to strange searchings. The great house was very still, for I had not gone up till after midnight. I think I had a family then — though the details are very uncertain — and I know there were many servants. Just what the year was, I cannot say; for since then I have known many ages and dimensions, and have had all my notions of time dissolved and refashioned. It was by the light of candles that I read — I recall the relentless dripping of the wax — and there were chimes that came every now and then from distant belfries. I seemed to keep track of those chimes with a peculiar intentness, as if I feared to hear some very remote, intruding note among them.

Then came the first scratching and fumbling at the dormer window that looked out high above the other roofs of the city. It came as I droned aloud the ninth verse of that primal lay, and I knew amidst my shudders what it meant. For he who passes the gateways always wins a shadow, and never again can he be alone. I had evoked — and the book was indeed all I had suspected. That night I passed the gateway to a vortex of twisted time and vision, and when morning found me in the attic room I saw in the walls and shelves and fittings that which I had never seen before.

Nor could I ever after see the world as I had known it. Mixed with the present scene was always a little of the past and a little of the future, and every once-familiar object loomed alien in the new perspective brought by my widened sight. From then on I walked in a fantastic dream of unknown and half-known shapes; and with each new gateway crossed, the less plainly could I recognise the things of the narrow sphere to which I had so long been bound. What I saw about me none else saw; and I grew doubly silent and aloof lest I be thought mad. Dogs had a fear of me, for they felt the outside shadow which never left my side. But still I read more — in hidden, forgotten books and scrolls to which my new vision led me — and pushed through fresh gateways of space and being and life-patterns toward the core of the unknown cosmos.

I remember the night I made the five concentric circles of fire on the floor, and stood in the innermost one chanting that monstrous litany the messenger from Tartary had brought. The walls melted away, and I was swept by a black wind through gulfs of fathomless grey with the needle-like pinnacles of unknown mountains miles below me. After a while there was utter blackness, and then the light of myriad stars forming strange, alien constellations. Finally I saw a green-litten plain far below me, and discerned on it the twisted towers of a city built in no fashion I had ever known or read of or dreamed of. As I floated closer to that city I saw a great square building of stone in an open space, and felt a hideous fear clutching at me. I screamed and struggled, and after a blankness was again in my attic room, sprawled flat over the five phosphorescent circles on the floor. In that night’s wandering there was no more of strangeness than in many a former night’s wandering; but there was more of terror because I knew I was closer to those outside gulfs and worlds than I had ever been before. Thereafter I was more cautious with my incantations, for I had no wish to be cut off from my body and from the earth in unknown abysses whence I could never return.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Far-skeeah rauney

Mleeaney, ta daa phossan ronsee oaylleeagh er nyannoo far-skeeah rauney. Quoi ec va fys?

Screeu mee art er y chooish er yn ynnyd-eggey.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Ta fys mie aym nagh screeu mee monney ayns shen (ny ayns my Chishtey Stoo noadyr) rish tammylt. Dy jarroo, ta reddyn er ve doillee. Ta shin tarroogh agglagh 'syn obbyr lesh scughey'n lioarlan as jannoo nane ass jees oc; as er coontey reaghys lane woal va ram strooys ayn erskyn ny ta ry-yerkal. As stroos as merghinaght orrym, cha nel monney bree aym ny keayrtyn. Chammah's shen, va shaleeyn elley persoonagh ry-yannoo aym, goaill stiagh artyn gammanagh as shirrey staartey noa (shalee immeeaght foast), as feddyn co-chummaltee noa.

Ny yei shen, ta mee jus aareaghey çhyndaays Lovecraft noa. She skeealeen lomarcan t'ayn, ayrn ass bea fer ennagh honnick reddyn quaagh, agh s'mie lhiam ee ny yei shen. S'treisht lhiam dy verrym seose eh yn çhiaghtin shoh. Chammah's shen ta art oaylleeagh ny ghaa ry-screeu aym...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Jalloo 2012-08-07

Shoh y jalloo as dorraghey er. S'treisht lhiam dy bee eh mie dy liooar da'n charrey aym.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jalloo 2012-07-24

Choud's ta baghtal, va mee ersooyl rish tammylt. Agh ren mee beggan obbyr er y jalloo reesht noght. Beggal sollys er (nee'm scaaghyn ny s'anmey). Ta mee gobbraghey rere coodee shenn Enid Blyton, as t'ad lhiggey da'n toilshey skeaylley harrish ny linnaghyn ny keayrtyn (myr shoh). Er lhiam nagh ren mee ny creeaghyn shen çhiu dy liooar, foddee?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Yn Chruinnaght, Jeheiney 20oo

Er y fa dy row mee leaghtyn ayn 'syn 'astyr, as ta reddyn soccar ayns Purt ny h-Inshey, ren mee briwnys dy cheau y laa ayns shen. V'ee foast çheh as tash ec y traa hie mee er boayrd y varroose, agh roish my rosh shin Purt ny h-Inshey v'ee ceau fliaghey dy moal. V'eh faggys da munlaa (va mee er gadley dy anmagh) as ghow mee kirbyl ayns thie oast Marine Hotel. Briwnys mie - va mellyn oc.

S'goan ad buill ta çhebbal mellyn dy jeianagh, agh she my reih choorse-toshee rieau t'ayn, as va mee jeant bwooise fakin eh er y chaart bee. T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel soddag eeast Thaiagh, ooastyryn as praneyn mooarey er ngoaill yn ymmyd v'oc keayrt dy row myr coorse-toshee ooilley-laaragh y teihill.

Va beggan fliaghey ayn foast, agh ghow mee toshiaght shooyl seose Cronk y Chaitnys er son beggan lheiltys. Dy dooghyssagh, as mish er mullagh y chronk, cheau ee ny smoo beggan er veggan derrey va mee kerroo baiht tra rosh mee fastee hie ooree Hie Manannan. Diu mee tey as clashtyn rish creeley-fynneigagh ennagh, as eisht goll mygeayrt y thie tashtee. Va mee ayns shen nurree as cha row caghlaa erbee ry-akin ayms, myr shen va mee tappee dy liooar, agh ghow mee taitnys jeh ny yei shen. Wahll smooinee mee ny row eh traa dy hirrey er ynnyd ny leaghtyn, "Guild Room, Athol Street". Baghtal dy liooar. Hooar mee caslys-balley er yn çhooylaghan, as cur geill da ynnyd Atholl Street. Dy meeaighar, erreish dou shooyl rish queig ny jeih minnid as çhyndaa jesh as toshtal as jesh, v'eh lieh-jarroodit aym as chaill mee y raad. Jannoo reddyn ny smessey, ta coonceilee Vannin nearildagh as imlagh, myr cretooryn feie, as cha mie lhieu brishey stiagh er pobble liorish cowraghyn boiragh ooilley mygeayrt as enmyn reddyn orroo. Wahll, cha nee ard-valley t'ayn, cre mysh briaght jeh peiagh ennagh? Bee fys oc, dy shickyr.

Cha row fys ec y chied tree sleih vrie mee jeu er ynnyd Athol Street, ny'n Guild Room (as cha row fys oc er c'red ta'n Guild Room noadyr). Bwooise da jee, va fys ec y treeoo er y Centenary Centre raad va cuirrey kiaullee ny h-oie, as ta shen er Atholl Street myrgeddin. Hooar mee y straid, as goll sheese. Eisht hooill mee seose. As sheese reesht. Cha nee straid liauyr t'ayn, as myr shen cha row feme aym er monney traa shen y yannoo. Va'n Centenary Centre baghtal as buigh ny hoie ayns mean ny straiddey, agh cha row lorg erbee jeh Guild Room erbee ry-akin aym. Va troor aeg nyn soie rish y Centenary Centre, goaill cowag, as vrie mee jeu. Hug ad leshtal doaieagh dou nagh dod ad mish y chooney, er y fa dy row mee er reih tree Albinee joarree ass pobble Phurt ny h-Inshey. As mish my ommidagh, by foddey ny s'anmey eh hoig mee dy nee Rua Macmillan as y possan ec v'ayn. Fy-yerrey, hoilshee peiagh ennagh 'sy Centenary Centre dou (Breeshey Maddrell, foddee?) nagh vel y Guild Room ny hroggal hene, agh çhamyr ennagh 'syn agglish Saasilee hoal noi y Centre nagh row enmyssit er y chlaare. Va peiagh kioot ennagh er chur seose cowrey "Guild Room →" er yn agglish, agh atreih! V'eh follit voish y straid ec pillyr, son y chooid smoo, faagail y cowrey elley "Peel Methodist Church" dy chur sleih er shaghryn. Ta bea lane dy cheishtyn beggey ta cur blass urree as bree aynjee. Hie mee stiagh.

Cha row monney sleih 'sy leaght, mysh queig-jeig, foddee. Dindys mee er shen, agh va ram sleih gobbraghey, s'cosoylagh, cha row adsyn er seyrey. Vrie mee jeh ben my nee ad recortys jeu myr t'ad ny keayrtyn, do noddagh sleih nagh row ayns shen eaishtagh rish, agh dooyrt ee dou nagh row shamraig hellveeish oc. Wahll, haghyr eh dy row recortysser beg aym - ta mee jannoo ymmyd jeh ny keayrtyn dy yannoo recortys jeh seshoonyn gamman as stoo myr shen, as hug lhiam eh dys Mannin. Myr shen heb mee dy yannoo recortys, as v'ad jeean dy liooar.

Va daa leaght ayn, liorish Úna Uí Lachtnáin voish Oireachtas na Gaeilge, as Christine James voish yn Eisteddfod. Loayr ad er shennaghys y daa 'eailley, doilleeidyn as caghlaaghyn, as er y chultoor as cummey t'oc nish. Va doilleeidyn dy liooar oc, goaill stiagh cohuittym tradishoon bardagh ayns Bretin rish unnaneys Vretin as Sostyn, as cummaght pholitickaght as caggey theayagh ayns Nerin. S'treisht lhiam dy bee ny leaghtyn greinnaghey sleih dy vooadaghey ynnyd as cummaght ny Cruinnaght ayns cultoor Vannin. Va'n recortys castreycair as hug mee coip da skimmee ny Cruinnaght erreish dou roshtyn thie.

Screeu mee lane phost ayns shoh, goaill stiagh smooinaghtyn reaghee, beggan dy veg er thieyn oast, as ram er y cuirrey kiaull, obbyr lane oor, bunnys. Eisht gholl Blogger y clane gyn oyr erbee. Nee'm my chooid share ny va scanshoil y aascreeu, agh gow my leshtal my t'eh beggan cuttagh; ta fa mie ayn. Erskyn ooilley va ram screeuit aym er Strengyn as Rua Macmillan nagh gooin lhiam eh, as cha nel cree aym dy yannoo eh ass y noa.

Dy firrinagh, ghow mee beggan yindys hoshiaght nagh row ny smoo goll er 'sy laa. T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel lhiettrimys 'cooid hoshee' (critical mass) ayn. She feailley veg t'ayn, ta mooar-chooid nyn Manninee ta goll da cuirraghyn kiaull erreish daue faagail yn obbyr, as cha nel monney sleih seyr 'sy laa; myr shen cha nel eh feeu reaghey monney 'sy laa. Er y laue elley, mannagh vel reddyn er lheh ry-yannoo 'sy laa, cha nel eh feeu goll er seyrey rish y Chruinnaght mannagh vel oo er seyrey foast; as mannagh vel oo er seyrey, t'eh ny sloo cosoylagh dy jig oo dys cuirraghyn kiaull as reddyn elley, er y fa dy bee reddyn elley shirrey ort ad y yannoo as bee oo skee lurg yn obbyr. Chammah's shen, foddee sleih çheumooie jeh Mannin jannoo briwnys nagh vel eh feeu çheet harrish jus er son cuirrey ny ghaa (haink mish, dy jarroo, agh va mee er seyrey hannah as jeean agglagh dy loayrt beggan Gaelg fy-yerrey; cha nel monney caa aym ayns Aah yn Ollee). Dy beagh eh gollrish yn Eisteddfod, as reddyn goll er car y laa, hig ad, foddee. As veagh ee ny taghyrt smoo, myr shen veagh ny smoo geill currit jee, s'cosoylagh. C'red foddee oo jannoo? Wahll, er thurrick hene: co-chosheeaghtyn, co-hurryssyn da ynnydyn cultooragh as najooragh, leaghtyn (cur studeyryn rish obbyr!), filmyn ny drama Celtiagh, lessoonyn bunneydagh ayns çhengaghyn Celtiagh, tuarastyllyn ellyn as keirdey, co-lhongaghyn foddee, aachroo shennaghyssagh ayns Cashtal Rosien... C'red by vie lhiat? Agh dy shickyr, ta feme ec reddyn er argid as traa, as t'ad goan dy liooar, as cha nel eh feeu reaghey reddyn nagh jig sleih daue.

Shoh eh ny va mee son gra heose, dy giare: Cha nel eh feeu reaghey reddyn 'sy laa mannagh vel sleih er seyrey dy heet daue, agh cha nel eh feeu goll er seyrey 'sy laa mannagh vel veg taghyrt. Shen y cheisht!

V'eh orrym ceau daa oor erreish da'n leaght, er y fa nagh ghoghe y cuirrey kiaull toshiaght derrey 8f. She oor dree t'ayn 6f, as ooilley ny thieyn-tey dooint; shen y reih voayl aym dy cheau traa ayn. Hooill mee rish yn çhooylaghan as kionnaghey tey voish bwaane tey va foshlit foast, myr bannaght veg Yee. V'ee kiart grianagh dy liooar dy gholley magh bree feayree ny geayee. Va mee er n'ee bee mea dagh ec lhongey rish shiaghtin hannah, as cha dod mee surranse moggaid 'oalley 'oawragh elley, myr shen chionnee mee arran bainney as ooyl 'sy Cho-op.

Hoshee Strengyn y cuirrey kiaull, roie trooid meshtane breck dy charryn crampey dy liooar. V'ad maylartey gitar, mandalyn as banjoe eddyr y jees oc rere ny carryn v'ayn, as cummal seose ryddim breeoil as gerjoilagh. Chloie ad shenn charryn çheerey, carryn noa, as eer asstayrn ny ghaa ass filmyn as y lheid, gyn doilleeid erbee caghlaa eddyr oc. Cha ghow ad arrane, agh va'n kiaull tayrnagh dy liooar ny yei shen. Poynt loggyr da Paayl er y fa dy loayr eh Gaelg! Reill ad ennaghtyn caarjoil er y chooish as mongey er eddinyn.

Rish y scuirr, dinsh fer ennagh "Juan?" dou as hooar magh mee dy nee Rob y Teare v'ayn, çhyndaader Jeih Skeealyn Scaanjoon. Myr haghyr eh, va mee lhaih Jeih er y turrys shen, agh cha row caa aym d'insh da wheesh va mee goaill soylley jeh. Hug eh mish da quaiyl Chris Sheard, ta cur çhyndaayssyn Coonceil ny Gaelgey dou nish as reesht er son obbyr er Wiki ny Gaelgey (agh cha row traa aym rish tammylt dy jannoo monney). Nagh mie eh cur eddinyn marish ooilley ny h-enmyn fy-yerrey!

Eisht troor Albinagh, Rua Macmillan er yn 'iddyl, Tia Fyles er y yitar as Adam Brown er y dollan. V'ad cloie carryn kiuney as jeeaney, sursmooinaghtagh as gleashagh, shenn charryn as (son y chooid smoo) nyn obbyr noa hene. Va'n kiaull ny smoo çhaghnoil na claare Strengyn, er lhiam - cheayll mee blass Egyptagh ny keayrtyn, as va ram caghlaaghyn bieauid as aght ayn - agh cha nel oalaght chiaullee aym. Chloie Adam as Tia carr ynrican y chione, as b'vaghtal eh dy nee troor feer schleioil t'ayn. Cosoylit rish seshoon coloayrtyssagh Strengyn, va clabberaght ny smoo cliaghtit ec Rua, agh reill ad yn ennaghtyn ainjyssagh ta scanshoil ec cuirrey kiaull çheerey. Cha ghow adsyn arrane noadyr, agh ren tidey dy charryn eigsoylagh cummal seose anaase as tastey eer rish jerrey ny h-oie. She oie feer vie v'ayn dy jarroo, as harrin d'akin Strengyn ny troor Rua reesht gyn ourys.

Dy meeaighar, va blass boiragh er jerrey ny h-oie ayms er coontey ny barrooseyn. Va'n barroose aym dy gholl ec 10.20f, as rish 10.15 hug shin bannaght vooar da carr s'jerree y troor as geddyn aarloo. Traa dy liooar! Eisht daahoilshee ny lampaghyn as roie ad erash er yn ardan. She aagherrym v'ayn! Wahll cha row mee tappee dy liooar dy heiy shaghey y sleih faggys dou; er oyr ennagh cha row mee jerkal aagherrym. Ghow ad toshiaght, as mish boirey ny smoo as ny smoo, jeeaghyn as aayeeaghyn er yn ooreyder aym as bleastey fo veehurransaght, bunnys. Va mee my hoie ec kione foddey straih, rish cleigh yiarn, jeih trieyn erskyn thallooin ec y chione, as ga nagh row aght erbee dy ghrappal harree smooinee mee er shen keayrt ny ghaa. She carr mie v'ayn, ta mee shickyr, agh y tree minnid sodjey hurr mee rish traa liauyr. Scuirr ad as skellal roish fy-yerrey ec 10.18, as ersooyl lhiam gollrish tendreil, lheimmey harrish glioonyn peiagh ny ghaa as aaskinney voish reddyn. Bwooise da Jee, honnick yn immanagh mish çheet as fuirraghtyn orrym, agh dooyrt eh dou myr spotçh: "Remember, you wait for the bus, the bus doesn't wait for you!"

Ny yei shen as ooilley, she oie haitnyssagh v'ayn.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Yn Chruinnaght, Jerdein 19oo

Chaddil mee anmagh, ayns ayrn er y fa dy row mee magh beggan anmagh (wahll, anmagh dooys) as ayrn er y fa dy row my chadley brisht tra hooar kishtaghyn pooar my chlag dooishtee baase lesh obbyr yerrinagh vouyragh. Yumm mee beggan traa 'sy voghrey lesh shirrey kishtaghyn pooar noa, as eisht ersooyl lhiam dys Balley Chashtal. V'eh foym geddyn kirbyl mooar as eisht jus beggan dy yinnair, myr shen hooill mee myrgeayrt rish tammylt. Va ram buill ayn chreckagh scobbey dou, praase fuinnit ny braghdan, as thie bee ny ghaa nagh hoilshee kaart bee 'syn uinniagh. Cha nel mee rieau goll stiagh ayns lheid ny thieyn bee; mannagh mie lhiat ny t'ad creck tra t'ad er chur ort soie sheese sthie, t'eh boirey ort faagail. T'eh foym cur argid diu, sleih! Jean beggan eab er-dty-hon hene! Aghterbee, hooar mee y George as ren ad pye foawragh dou, as scriog er cho mooar as my ghaa ghoarn. Cha dod mee gee ooilley'n bee v'ayn; cha nel mee cliaghtit rish monney feill as ta ram feill ry-ee ayns dagh lhongey er y gherrid.

Y red shen ta jeeaghyn gollrish eddrymagh roauyr? Shen scriog phye. V'ee gollrish Yorkshire pudding, as mooadys bwilleen arran eck. Dy beign er ny folmaghey, oddin er ny ceau myr braag.

Va'n cashtal hene anaasoil dy liooar. Cha row mee ayns shen rish 16 bleeaney, myr shen er lhimmey jeh beggan déjà vu nish as reesht, cha by gooin lhiam monney. Va'n skimmee feer chaarjoil as coonee, as loayr ad rhym ram (er y fa dy vel gob buillvollee aym, myr dooyrt y sharkagh souree). Ta ny cowraghyn beggan shenn as cha nel ad soilshaghey reddyn feer vie da'n theay ny keayrtyn, agh t'eh foue aayannoo reddyn erreish daue cooilleeney ronsaghey troggalagh scanshoil. Atreih! Cha nel shamyr tey oc, as v'eh orrym goll magh. S'baghtal eh dhyt nagh vel oo dellal rish y National Trust nish, cha lhig adsyn da caa erbee goll shaghey myr shen; honnick mee thie keayrt dy row as va shamyr tey beg çheusthie jeh'n çhamyr tey hene. Hooar mee oastan beg rish yn 'aaie voulleragh, as geddyn cappan dy hey as screeu kuse dy chaartyn post. Hug mee ad stiagh 'sy phillyr lettyragh roish my hug mee my ner dy row feme er clouag er lheh voish Mannin dys Sostyn. Myr shen, s'cosoylagh eh dy bee eh er my hennvoir as my charrey Sostnagh eeck dys geddyn ny kaartyn oc... dy aighoil, va daa chaart dys çheeraghyn elley.

Erash dys Doolish, as kionnaghey arran son tey beg. Va fys aym nagh beagh monney traa aym, er y fa dy vel ny barrooseyn doccaragh dy liooar, as va'n thie oast aym er kione hwoaie Vaie Ghoolish as yn un stad barroose dys PnI 'sy chione yiass... V'eh jus foym goll erash dys y thie oast, faagail y poagey mooar va mee er nymmyrkey mygeayrt (as cooat, lioar, ushtey, claareyn earroo as ooilley shen ayn) 'sy çhamyr, cur shilley bieau er y phost-l aym as gee dy tappee. Wahll, rosh mee y çhamyr as feddyn magh nagh row y cuirrey noght ec 8sa, agh 7.30sa; as er y fa shen veagh eh orrym geddyn barroose 6.20sa dys roshtyn PnI dy hraa (dy ghra myr shen, lieh-oor dy leah). Yeeagh mee er y chlag. Shey. Nah varroose: 7.05sa roshagh PnI ec kerroo dys hoght. Va mee çheh as skee as va accrys orrym.

Cha nee'm, as mish. Ta mee jannoo reddyn gyn tort mennick dy liooar, agh cha row mee son roish harrish Doolish reesht, gyn goaill aash erbee voish y turrys, as feme aym dy chur lhiam bee ny shaghney jinnair. Myr shen ghow rish mee dy beign anmagh, as goaill beggan aash. Eer veggan.

Lhig ad dou çheet stiagh anmagh (ta mee shickyr dy row ram sleih anmagh er oyryn cosoylagh rish shen) as va'n cuirrey fo-char organe. She cuirrey braew v'ayn, carryn organe fondagh hoshiaght as eisht Richard Trethewey goaill arraneyn Cornish as cur orrin goaill ayrn. 'Sy nah ayrn va claaseyryn aegey fo stiurey Rachel Hair ass yn Albin; shegin dou gra dy vel mee jonse gyn smooinaght tra ta mee clashtyn "possan kiaullee paitçhyn" er coontey keeall chionnit 'sy scoill, agh v'ad abyl dy liooar as va Bnr. Hair creeney dy liooar gyn reih carryn nagh dod ad ad y chloie! ommidagh, fys aym, agh ta shen taghyrt mennick dy liooar liorish ro-ooley ny ro-yeeanid. Hug reihdagh Oireachtas ny Gaeilge as Archdderwydd Vretin çhaghteraghtyn dooin, as eisht hug Caryl Parry Jones as Christian Jones jerrey er yn oie. Er lhiam dy row enney aym er yn ennym shen, agh cha by gooin lhiam eh derrey ghow ee toshiaght goaill "Hwylio drwy'r nos". Chionnee mee albym lioree ass coyr vargane ec yn Eisteddfod nurree! S'mie lhiam eh, dy feer, ga nagh row eh agh tree punt; shen Adre.

Ghow ish ayns Bretnish, as eshyn ayns Baarle, as v'ad feer vie, ga dy row ny h-arraneyn eck trimshagh dy liooar.

Ny yei shen, hie kuse jin harrish dys y Yiau (The Creek Inn) er son cuirrey elley. Hooar mee dy row y Yiau ny s'jingey foast na'n club bluckan-coshey riyr, gyn reamys erbee dy ghaunsey ayn my va'n mian er sleih (agh cha nee kiaull daunse v'ayn) as gyn monney reamys dy iu, loayrt ny ennal noadyr! Deaisht mee rish oor roish my hie mee erash da barroose elley ec 11.30. Hug Breeshey Maddrell as ben elley nagh gooin lhiam yn ennym urree (my leshtal!) joughyn dou, as s'treisht lhaim dy bee caa aym dy aayeeilley. Cha noddym gra monney mychione y chuirrey shen; cha nel thieyn oastey my reih vuill dy eaishtagh rish kiaull, ta rouyr goll er as ta rouyr sheen çhemmalagh dy gheddyn ennaghtyn baghtal jeh. Cha row eh atçhimagh, foddym gra shen, ta mee er glashtyn ram kiaull atçhimagh; agh cha noddyms gra ny smoo.

Raad ennagh ec kione elley ny shamyr, ta possan kiaullee ayn. Ta mee shickyr, bunnys.

Dy giare: laa feer anaasoil, ghow mee ram taitnys jeh ny honnick as cheayll mee jiu, as ta barrooseyn çheet dy ve feoh nieu my vea.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yn Chruinnaght, Jecrean 18oo

Wahll, ta mee ayns Mannin reesht, fy-yerrey. Haink mee harrish voish Lerphoyll (raad va mee kelloorey laa ruggyree my ayr) er y vaatey.

Rosh mee yn Ellan riyr as soieaghey sheese ayns thie oast ayns Doolish. Cha dod mee feddyn boayl seyr ayns Purt ny h-Inshey, as er y fa nagh vel arraghey theay mie 'syn Ellan, cha row mee son treishteil dy noddin troailt eddyr PnhI as buill lheid as Purt le Moirrey. As she raad liauyr as gaueagh dy hooyl 'syn oie! Aghterbee, ren mee soieaghey sheese; ny share, soieaghey seose, foddee, as mish cummal ayns shamyr s'yrjey thie oast Rosslyn er cronk beg ayns Doolish hwoaie. She shamyr veg yesh t'ayn, as er lhimmey jeh goon-coamree caillt as moggyl seyr nagh vel roshtyn y çhamyr ayms foddey heose 'syn aer... t'ee mie dy liooar.

Cha nel mee er mentyn rish Gaelgeyryn elley foast, myr shen cheau mee y moghrey lesh shilley er Thie Tashtee Vannin as y thie-bee echey. Eisht lheim mee er barroose sheese dys Balley Sallagh - shenn oayllys ny shennayraghyn aym! - dys jeeaghyn er Mannishter Rosien. Yeeagh mee urree blein er-dy-henney, agh ec y traa shen cha row agh lieh-oor faagit dou as v'eh orrym ratçhal. Y cheayrt shoh, ghow mee foddey ny smoo assjee as dennee mee dy nee ynnyd eiraghtagh feer vie t'ayn, ga nagh vel monney faagit jeh'n Vannishter hene, atreih! As va ny shirveishee feer choonee as kenjal, as va'n Vannishter follym, faggys, myr shen ren mee as hie mee ny by vie lhiam gyn boirey er turrysee elley. Yindyssagh!

T'eh jus foym foll magh er son beggan jinnair, as eisht hem harrish dys Balley Keeill Eoin er son kied chuirrey kiaull y turrys aym.


Erash! Ghow mee spaghetti alla carbonara ard-vlasstal ayns Alessandros ayns Doolish, gyn ceau monney. Eisht hug my ner nagh row y claare aym chlou magh mee as fysseree er yn Chruinnaght er. Dy firrinagh, cha nel shen ro-scanshoil, foddee; by chooin lhiam dy row cuirrey kiaull ny h-oie ayns club spoyrt ennagh ayns Balley Keeill Eoin, as cha cosoylagh eh dy beagh monney jeu ayn... agh ta troa lhiantynagh beg orrym, as ta mee boirey mychione reddyn, as mychione goll er coayl ec mean-oie ayns thalloo joarree (reesht) raad nagh vel monney palmantyn ny stobyn leeideilagh... ta mee boirey dy jarroo. Myr shen, roie mee seose Baie Ghoolish dys y thie oast, seose nuy roieghyn greeishyn dys y çhamyr aym, as geddyn y claare. Ec y tullagh shen, ghow ee toshiaght ceau fliaghey. Yindyssagh. As daag mee y poagey beg v'orrym derrey shen, goaill greim er poagey smoo, cur stiagh shamraig, lioar-l, greie jaghtee, earroo traa barrooseyn, as ooilley shen, as roie magh. Sheese Baie Ghoolish dys y varroose myr fer keoie ratçhal y jouyll er son mainshtyrys ny cruinney. Va mee jus er soie sheese tra haink y barroose. Fondagh.

Er y varroose, honnick mee doinney as beggan aa-akin aym er, as daag eh y barroose er y stad cheddin. Va'n cuirrey kiaull shoh ayns club bluckan-coshey BKE. Wahll, erreish dou kionnaghey tiggad eintreilys, cre'n chied red honnick mee? Y dooinney shen soie sheese rish caillin nagh oddagh ve agh Nat Nic Shìm. Shen feanish dy liooar dy nee Simon Ager t'ayn, as mannagh vel oo er vakin yn ynnyd-eggey yindyssagh echey, Omniglot, immee nish. Ta enney aym er y jees oc rish bleeantyn, agh cha row mee er vakin ad 'syn 'eill derrey shen, as va mee jeant booise lesh shen. T'ad kiart cho kenjal as va mee credjal.

Cha nel y club feer voaar, as dy leah v'eh orroo cur seose cowrey as "lane thie!" screeuit er. Va'n çhamyr jingit as erreish shassoo dys daunsey, cha by chosoylagh eh dy chosney stiagh 'sy chaair aym reesht trooid creagh fendeilagh dy 'leih va nyn soie roee, myr shen hannee mee my hassoo.

Hoshiaght, va daunseyryn Morris ayn, Perree Bane. V'ad jeean dy liooar!

Va aittys mie ayn lesh daunsey as jeeaghyn er possanyn daunsey as fys oc er ny v'ad jannoo. Cha row mee ec giense rish eash, agh ren mee my chooid share.

Va possan kiaullee ass yn Chorn ayn, Pentorr, as ghow ad arrane ny ghaa as Cornish ayn. Fer ayns 5/4 nyn mast'oc hug er sleih by vie lhieu daunsey ve fud-y-cheilley rish tammylt, as v'eh er yn arraneyder goll sheese as soilshaghey daue cre'n aght share. 'Sy jerrey v'eh orrym faagail dy leah, dy ghra myr shen, mysh 10.30, dys geddyn barroose. Cha row mee son geddyn y barroose s'jerree y chied oie va mee ayns Mannin as coayl eh aght ennagh. Agh va dagh ooilley red dy mie, as va oie vraew aym roish my hie mee erash dys Doolish. Gura mie mooar ayd da cagh reagh y cuirrey ny chloie ayn. As s'treih lhiam nagh cheayll mee Nat cloie'n coardeen.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jalloo 2012-07-12

Hooar mee jeih minnid seyr dy ghlenney y jalloo beggan, agh cha row traa aym dy yannoo monney. C'raad ta'n traa sheeley da?

Eddyr Laghyn Seyrey

Cha row monney traa aym rish tammylt dy screeu artyn ayns shoh, ny da'n Chishtey Stoo noadyr. Ta mee kiart er geau shiaghtin ayns Ard ny Loghyn marish y lught-thie, gyn eddyr-voggyl erbee ny co-earrooder noadyr as gyn traa dy yannoo red erbee dou hene. Nish ta mee gobbraghey dy jeean 'syn obbyr rish shiaghtin, as eisht Jesarn hem erash da'n Twoaie as eisht harrish y cheayn dys yn Çhenn Ellan Aalin (as 'Liugh as Gheayagh, tra bee'm aynjee, er lhiam) er son y Chruinnaght. As tra hem erash bee eh orrym obbraghey myr fer keoie er y fa dy vel shin scughey'n lioarlann ta mee gobbraghey ayn. S'treisht lhiam dy noddym screeu art ny ghaa voish yn Chruinnaght tra ta mee ayns Mannin.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jalloo 2012-06-28

Cha row monney traa aym, agh ta mee goll er turrys rish shiaghtin mairagh, myr shen shoh y jalloo myr vees eh rish tammylt. Ren mee jeshaghey reddyn beggan, as cur daah er ny crouwyn as er y chlagh. T'eh orrym dorraghys yn towl y ghlenney voish ny paitçhyn tra vees caa aym! Cha nel mee shickyr mychione oirr y towl noadyr; baghtal ny neuvaghtal, cre'n cummey share?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jalloo 2012-06-24

Shoh y jalloo cheddin as kied vrat dy ghaah er. Shoh daaghey faggyssagh gyn sollys ny dorraghys, jus er son fakin jeeagh ny daaghyn, as cha nel daah er claghyn ny crouwyn noadyr. Bee'm gobbraghey er shen yn çhiaghtin shoh çheet.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Skeealleen Sheenish: Yeesey, Peddyr as ny shillishyn

Hooar mee dooyrtiman Sheenish noa er coontey Weibo jiu, as ren mee çhyndaays jeh er nyn son.

Va Yeesey er troailt foddey marish Peddyr. Honnick eh crou chabbil er y raad, as yeearree er Peddyr ish y hroggal. B’lhiastey lesh Peddyr croymmey, as lhig eh er nagh cheayll eh. Hrog Yeesey hene ee, as tra v’ad shooyl trooid balley chreck eh ish er son tree ping, as lesh ny tree ping chionnee eh jeih shillishyn hoght. Hie y jees oc ‘syn ‘aasagh, as haink accrys as paays er Peddyr. Dy jioinagh, lhig Yeesey da shillish tuittym sheese, as chroym Peddyr dy jeean ny yei. Ren Yeesey shooyl as tuittym as shooyl as tuittym, as beggan er veggan chroym Peddyr jeih keayrt hoght. Mannagh jinnagh oo red beg, yinnagh oo ram reddyn ‘sy jerrey.

Ny, myr ta shin gra: ta greim ayns traa cooie, sauail nuy.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

新浪微博 (Weibo) & RSS, as beggan Twitter maroo

As mee gynsaghey Sheenish, ta mee cur geill da 新浪微博 (Sina Weibo) ny keayrtyn (shen shirveish raad ennagh eddyr Twitter, Facebook as Tumblr: çhaghteraghtyn beggey, jallooyn, kianglaghyn as ooilley shen). Agh son y chooid smoo ta mee croghey er shirveishyn syndicaitee (RSS) ta cur çhaghter dou tra ta cooid noa ry-gheddyn. Liorish çhaglym ad 'sy jeeagheyder post-l aym, foddym ceau shilley beg orroo as feddyn magh my ta red ennagh anaasoil ayndaue. Er y fa nagh vel mee jannoo monney ymmyd jeh Weibo, cha mie lhiam dy vel eh orrym loggal stiagh dagh keayrt as scrutaghey taghyrtyn jeianagh. Gyn çheet er reddyn elley, t'eh foddey ny sassey dou jeeaghyn er çhaghter beg teks 'sy post-l aym 'syn obbyr na laadey duillag neucheirdee 'syn oik dy yeeaghyn er. Dindys mee my row aght ennagh ayn dy gheddyn cooid coontys Weibo ennagh myr stroo RSS, 'syn aght cheddin as noddym lesh Twitter, as fy-yerrey hooar mee dy row.

Shoh kiangley dhyt:

T'eh cur magh kiangley myr shoh:

as foddee oo cur earroo coontey Weibo ennagh stiagh ayns ynnyd yn earroo shen my share lhiat jannoo dagh ooilley red dty hene.

Shoh sannish elley: my t'ou jeeaghyn er coontey enmyssit, myr coontey Charles Xue, cha nel earroo ry-gheddyn, dy baghtal... as cha nel Sinaapp gobbraghey marish enmyn. Agh my t'ou jeeaghyn er ny kianglaghyn 粉丝 as myr shen er y çheu hoshtal, hee oo dy vel earroo 'sy chiangley shen, as shen earroo y choontey.

As my ta anaase ayd er yn aght Twitter, shoh eh (cha lhiams eh, hooar mee eh raad ennagh ta jarroodit aym nish):

  1. Fow coontey Twitter yn ymmydeyr t'ou stolkey
  2. Jean ymmyd jeh Idfromuser, ny shirveish gollrish, dys feddyn magh earroo coontey'n ymmydeyr
  3. Cur stiagh yn earroo shen 'sy raa shoh:
  4. Cur y kiangley heose stiagh 'sy jeeagheyder RSS ayd

Myr sampleyr, ta'n Ghreinneyder ry-lhaih myr RSS liorish

I've been making use of Sina Weibo 新浪微博 (Sina Weibo) as part of studying Chinese. It's a service somewhere between Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, if you don't know. Anyway, for most websites with updating content, I get notifications of new articles and so on via RSS feeds, and it was a bit annoying that I had to log into Weibo and manually check for interesting stuff. Apart from anything else it's easier to read a text-only RSS update in my break at work than to load up a non-work website. I wondered if there was a way to get Weibo as an RSS feed from interesting accounts, as I already do for Twitter. It turns out, yes, there is.

Paste a Weibo account number into Sinaapp:

You'll get a link like this to an RSS feed:

You can also copy the link above and just edit the number (to the correct account number) if you prefer.

If you look at a named account, like Charles Xue, there's apparently no account number, and Sinaapp doesn't work with names. But if you check the sidebar links like 粉丝, some of them include a number in the link, and that's the account number.

For anyone interested in the Twitter method (which isn't mine, I found it but can't remember where):

  1. Find the Twitter account you want
  2. Use Idfromuser, or a similar site, to get the account number from it
  3. Stick the number in here:
  4. Add the link to your RSS reader of choice

For example, the Greinneyder can be delivered straight to your inbox with the following link:

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Contoyrtys y vaatey ammyr

Ta mee er ve çhing car yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, skee agglagh as gyn vree, agh fy-yerrey ren mee briwnys nagh dod mee surranse laa elley gyn feer lheiltys as dy raghin roie ny yei shen. T'ou roshtyn stayd tra ta’n feme t’ayd er lheiltys as y skeeys t’ort liorish dolley lheiltys ny stroshey na skeeys ny çhingys hene. Quaagh.

Ansherbee, ersooyl lhiam er roie beg, as aght ennagh haghyr eh, roish my hug mee my ner, dy row mee er roshtyn kione elley’n choorse kiarkylagh roie queig meeiley ta mee cliaghtey jannoo. Cha row mee kiarail roie queig meeiley as mish gennaghtyn cho skee as cho faase, agh cha row eh my reih hene eisht, row? As rish jerrey’n choorse va mee gennaghtyn braew dy liooar gyn scansh da çhingys. Rosh mee y thie dy ‘akin baatey ammyr jingit dy fondagh tessen yn awin. Ah, ta mee cummal rish awin, mannagh dooyrt mee shen hannah, as ta ny baatyn moaral çheumooie.

Aigh vie v’ayn er son y chubbyl s’lhieu yn baatey, lesh shey persoon çheet magh dyn gooney. Hooar shin dy row stiur y vaatey jingit ayns cuilleig ennagh ayns boalley breek, as va’n gob jingit rish baatey elley. Ghow fer ennagh tead jeh’n vaatey jingit as dy chur mygeayrt billey myr aker boght. Va stroo as geay dy heiy dy lajer noi’n ghaa lhiettalys, as ga dy ren shin eab braew, cha b’chosoylagh eh y baatey y hayrn magh lesh tead. Fy-yerrey ren shin faagail magh, as hoig shin dy row eh orrin y baatey elley y scughey. Wahll cha nee ennaghtyn gerjoilagh v’ayn; cha row skimmee y vaatey ry-akin ny er-enney ec peiagh erbee jin, as cha mie lesh peiagh erbee bentyn rish baatey gyn kied y skimmee. Er y laue elley, va’n baatey jingit dooney’n lane awin da cagh as cha vaik shin aght erbee elley dy heyrey. Myr shen, ghow shin toshiaght dy ‘easley ny crontyn.

Ta mee gra “ghow shin toshiaght”, agh shen foalsey. Shoh ny haghyr: ghow shin toshiaght dy jannoo eab, as goaill yindys. Cha vaik mee rieau lheid ny crontyn derrey jea. Oddagh oo credjal dy row Culain hene er nyn n’obbraghey ass yiarn creoi. ‘Sy jerrey, v’eh orrin barryn yiarn y gheddyn as y chur stiagh mastey ny teaddyn er egin, as eisht prisal ad veih-my-cheilley. Obbyr creoi, creid mish! Chooilleen shin eh lurg tammylt, as scughey eh beggan, agh cha row reamys dy liooar eddyr eshyn as y nah vaatey (as y fer ny yei, as y fer ny yeis!) dy lhiggey da’n vaatey jingit geddyn seyr.

Fy-yerrey, v’eh orrin (twoaieagh ass towse!) lhiggey da’n vaatey follym snaue sheese yn awin er ny teaddyn echey, coheeynt rish y vaatey heese. Chroo shen rheamys da gob y vaatey jingit, as lesh tree fir as tree mraane tayrn er y tead, chooilleen shin tayrn y baatey stiagh rish y vroogh as moaral, as eisht tayrn erash y baatey elley. Woof!

Shen beggan musthaa dy yannoo anaasoil oie Jeheiney, as ren y skimmee boght feayslit cuirrey shin ooilley da’n thie oast er son jough orroo. Va mee laccal my vrastyr, agh cha dod mee shassoo nyn oi as haink mee er son un jough.

Lhig dou gra: my t’ou gyn vee rish shiaght ooryn, as eisht t’ou roie queig meeiley as ceau oor rish tayrn seyr baatey ammyr noi niart awin attit ec y ‘liaghey as noi geay jeean, as eisht t’ou giu pynt lhionney – t’eh ard-vlasstal, agh beggan gollrish goll er brebbal liorish cabbyl.

As shen jerrey er.