Tuesday, 19 June 2012

新浪微博 (Weibo) & RSS, as beggan Twitter maroo

As mee gynsaghey Sheenish, ta mee cur geill da 新浪微博 (Sina Weibo) ny keayrtyn (shen shirveish raad ennagh eddyr Twitter, Facebook as Tumblr: çhaghteraghtyn beggey, jallooyn, kianglaghyn as ooilley shen). Agh son y chooid smoo ta mee croghey er shirveishyn syndicaitee (RSS) ta cur çhaghter dou tra ta cooid noa ry-gheddyn. Liorish çhaglym ad 'sy jeeagheyder post-l aym, foddym ceau shilley beg orroo as feddyn magh my ta red ennagh anaasoil ayndaue. Er y fa nagh vel mee jannoo monney ymmyd jeh Weibo, cha mie lhiam dy vel eh orrym loggal stiagh dagh keayrt as scrutaghey taghyrtyn jeianagh. Gyn çheet er reddyn elley, t'eh foddey ny sassey dou jeeaghyn er çhaghter beg teks 'sy post-l aym 'syn obbyr na laadey duillag neucheirdee 'syn oik dy yeeaghyn er. Dindys mee my row aght ennagh ayn dy gheddyn cooid coontys Weibo ennagh myr stroo RSS, 'syn aght cheddin as noddym lesh Twitter, as fy-yerrey hooar mee dy row.

Shoh kiangley dhyt: http://ishow.sinaapp.com/rss.php

T'eh cur magh kiangley myr shoh:


as foddee oo cur earroo coontey Weibo ennagh stiagh ayns ynnyd yn earroo shen my share lhiat jannoo dagh ooilley red dty hene.

Shoh sannish elley: my t'ou jeeaghyn er coontey enmyssit, myr coontey Charles Xue, cha nel earroo ry-gheddyn, dy baghtal... as cha nel Sinaapp gobbraghey marish enmyn. Agh my t'ou jeeaghyn er ny kianglaghyn 粉丝 as myr shen er y çheu hoshtal, hee oo dy vel earroo 'sy chiangley shen, as shen earroo y choontey.

As my ta anaase ayd er yn aght Twitter, shoh eh (cha lhiams eh, hooar mee eh raad ennagh ta jarroodit aym nish):

  1. Fow coontey Twitter yn ymmydeyr t'ou stolkey
  2. Jean ymmyd jeh Idfromuser, ny shirveish gollrish, dys feddyn magh earroo coontey'n ymmydeyr
  3. Cur stiagh yn earroo shen 'sy raa shoh: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/EARROO.rss
  4. Cur y kiangley heose stiagh 'sy jeeagheyder RSS ayd

Myr sampleyr, ta'n Ghreinneyder ry-lhaih myr RSS liorish


I've been making use of Sina Weibo 新浪微博 (Sina Weibo) as part of studying Chinese. It's a service somewhere between Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, if you don't know. Anyway, for most websites with updating content, I get notifications of new articles and so on via RSS feeds, and it was a bit annoying that I had to log into Weibo and manually check for interesting stuff. Apart from anything else it's easier to read a text-only RSS update in my break at work than to load up a non-work website. I wondered if there was a way to get Weibo as an RSS feed from interesting accounts, as I already do for Twitter. It turns out, yes, there is.

Paste a Weibo account number into Sinaapp: http://ishow.sinaapp.com/rss.php

You'll get a link like this to an RSS feed:


You can also copy the link above and just edit the number (to the correct account number) if you prefer.

If you look at a named account, like Charles Xue, there's apparently no account number, and Sinaapp doesn't work with names. But if you check the sidebar links like 粉丝, some of them include a number in the link, and that's the account number.

For anyone interested in the Twitter method (which isn't mine, I found it but can't remember where):

  1. Find the Twitter account you want
  2. Use Idfromuser, or a similar site, to get the account number from it
  3. Stick the number in here: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/NUMBER.rss
  4. Add the link to your RSS reader of choice

For example, the Greinneyder can be delivered straight to your inbox with the following link:


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