Thursday, 25 October 2012

Aght Twitter noa

Beggan er dy henney, ren mee aahaishbyney aght dy lhaih strooghyn Twitter as Weibo liorish RSS.

Wahll, ta Twitter er marroo yn aght shen beggan er dy henney. My t'ou er nyannoo ymmyd jeh hannah, bee ny kianglaghyn ayd foast geddyn naight, agh cha nod oo croo stroo RSS noa 'syn aght shen. Twitter mollaghtagh. Er lhiam nagh mie lhiat dy nod sleih lhaih strooghyn Twitter gyn listal ayn nyn hene...

Aghterbee, ta Falsinsoft er soilshaghey magh aght noa as ny sassey shen y yannoo. GMA!

  1. Fow coontey Twitter yn ymmydeyr t'ou stolkey
  2. Cur stiagh yn ennym coontey 'sy raa shoh: COONTEY
  3. Cur y kiangley heose stiagh 'sy jeeagheyder RSS ayd

Myr sampleyr, ta'n Ghreinneyder ry-lhaih myr RSS liorish

A while ago, I shared a way to read Twitter and Weibo feeds with RSS.

Since then, Twitter's broken that technique. You can still get feeds you've set up already, but you can't create new ones. Weird! Maybe they didn't like people being able to read Twitter without signing up for it, I dunno.

Anyway, Falsinsoft have found another way to work it. Cheers!

  1. Find the Twitter account you want to follow
  2. Add the account name (lowercase, it seems) to the following link: NAME
  3. Stick the link into your RSS reader

For example, the Greinneyder can be followed on RSS via:

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