Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shalee lhaih 04

...cha nel mee feer vie ec screeu ny postyn shoh. Ny lhaih dy tappee noadyr.

Yn daa hiaghtin shoh chaie, lhaih mee Language in Society, Zoo Quest to Madagascar, Achtung! Vranek sieht ganz harmlos aus, The Diary of a Nobody as How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Ren mee lhaih mysh y chied jeihoo jeh Triple Zero as faagail magh er y fa nagh vel mee dy firrinagh son goaill toshiaght lhaih y carnane lioaryn shen ta jannoo magh y Star Wars Expanded Universe, as myr shen er lhiam nagh row eh feeu ceau ooilley'n traa shen lhaih lioar nagh ghoym y share assjee.

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