Monday, 15 April 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 15

Jerrey queiggoo hiaghtin jeig ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Hyperion (André-Paul Duchateau & Franz Drappier)

Castreycair. Va mee caillt eck, myr dy row skeealyn sleaie ayn nagh row mee er nyn lhaih, agh cha nel choud's ta fys aym. Cha row monney fys ayn mychione shennaghys y skeeal ny'n seihll v'ayn. Er lhiam nagh row Hyperion, ard-charracteyr yn skeeal, neuchinjagh as va ymmyrkey quaagh echey. Ny keayrtyn v'eh lane leighalagh da fer v'er ny chur fo bondiaght hoshiaght, eisht ny sheeagheyr aggleydagh, eisht soaieaghey er carrey gyn oyr erbee hoig mee (cha nel garaghtee ny oyr mie as uss ny sheeagheyr, ghooinney). Agh shegin dou gra nagh vel y 'Rangish aym feer vie. S'mie eh yn ellyn, lane-daahit as breeoil. Ta'n caslys coodagh soilshaghey magh ny lhisagh ve folliaghtagh derrey jerrey'n skeeal, er lhiam, as myr shen cha nel trimmid erbee 'syn "'olliaght" hene.

Modern Japan: A very short introduction (Goto-Jones)

Lioar feer vie elley 'sy 'traih. Ta Goto-Jones cooilleeney dean y lioar dy fondagh, gyn jerkal rouyr roie-ynsaghey dou, chamoo broojey stiagh mynphoyntyn nagh vel bentyn da'n chooish - t'eh cur shennaghys baghtal as so-hoiggal dooys as mish gyn ynsaghey erbee er. Erskyn ooilley, er lhiam dy row snaie d'arganeys fondagh ny trooid, as eshyn cochiangley ny cabdilyn myr skeeal cohassooagh. S'anaashagh dou fakin cosoylaght eddyr yn Çhapaan as yn Vretyn Vooar. Ta çhionnid bentyn rish enney ashoonagh ayn, rere Goto-Jones, as ta shen casley rish ny h-arganeyn t'ayn dy kinjagh er enney Goaldagh nish, gyn Impiraght erbee as rish cliaghtaghyn as boodeeyssyn caghlaa as lhaggaghey fo traa as caghlaaghyn cultooragh as trimmid bun-argidys.

The end of week fifteen of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

Hyperion (André-Paul Duchateau & Franz Drappier)

Okay, but not fantastic. I felt rather lost, as though there was a lot of background I didn't know that would have fleshed out the pretty sparse story. The main character, Hyperion, didn't feel very consistent me to and seemed to behave pretty oddly, switching from nobly-excessive loyalty to an ex-captor pirate (I think?), to shrinking pacifism, to randomly attacking an ally for reasons I couldn't work out. To be fair, my poor French didn't help there. The art's pretty good, and in full colour, which is nice. The cover gives away what may be supposed to be a twist near the end.

Modern Japan: A very short introduction (Goto-Jones)

Another very impressive book from this series. Goto-Jones hit just the right note for me, not making assumptions about prior knowledge, nor weighing the book down with unwanted detail. Most importantly, I felt like there was a strong thread of... not exactly argument I suppose, but narrative, through the book that held the sections together into a coherent whole. I was struck by how much the tensions of identity in Japan (as he describes them) seem to parallel discussions in the UK about what British identity actually means, with no Empire and with old traditions and communities fading through time, cultural change and the pressure of capitalism.

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