Thursday, 31 October 2013

Shalee lhiah 2013: Jerrey Jerrey Fouyir

Jerrey jeihoo vee ny shalee.

Hoshiaght ny bleeaney: 128 lioaryn

Hoshiaght ny mee: 77 lioaryn

  • Lhaiht aym:
  • Nagh row er y rolley: 1
  • Goit aym: 15. Chionnee mee ram manga noa (14), as ny smessey, ren carrey dou cur lioar noa dou - 'sy Çheenish! Wahll, ta mee er lhaih y manga... agh veagh feme er mooarane dy hraa dy lhiah y lioar elley, as cha bee y bree aym, er lhiam.
  • Scryssit er bun elley: 1. Cheau magh mee lioar elley bentyn rish Ree Artur hug carrey dou, er y fa dy vel un lioar er y chooish shen dy liooar 'sy vlein, er lhiams

Myr shen, ta mee er scryssey 13 ass y rolley as ta 65 faagit er. Wahll, cha nel eh agglagh!

  • Lioaryn lhaiht aym y vlein shoh (y chied cheayrt): 111 lioaryn!

End of the tenth month of Reading Project.

The Beginning: 128 books

The start of this month: 77 books

  • Lhaiht aym:
  • Not on the list: 1
  • New: 15. I bought a lot of new manga (14), and worse, a friend has lent me a new book - in Chinese! Well, I've read the manga... but I can't see myself having time or energy to read the Chinese book any time soon. It's full of odd vocab and stuff about current affairs in China - easy to grasp as you can imagine.
  • Struck off for other reasons: 1. I'm chucking out another book about the history of King Arthur - one on that topic is plenty, thanks.

So I've crossed 13 off the list, and there are 65 left. Not looking so bad...

  • Books read (for the first time) this year: 111 books!

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