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Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 40

Jerrey daeedoo hiaghtin ny Shallee Lhaih. Ren Blogger scryssey magh ny screeu mee lesh cree as laue, my shen ta mee fergagh dy liooar. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Toradora y.l. 2 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Ny smoo er daa aegidagh ta cur aggle er sleih gyn yeearree, as ny contoyrtyssyn oc rish shirrey graih. Er lhiam nagh row eh wheesh mie as y chied lioar. Ta ny karracteyryn corragh dy liooar, as ny mraane erskyn ooilley, as ta shen jannoo y skeeal faase. Chammah's shen, ta lheid y skeeal lhiggey er dy vel raghlid mraane lhiggalagh tra nagh beagh raghlid fir, as dy vel eh aitt ga dy beagh eh agglagh dy yinnagh fir ny reddyn cheddin.

Toradora y.l. 3 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Ny smoo reesht. Er lhiam dy vel y skeeal shoh faagail y bun neuchramp v'echey, mychione daa aegidagh gyn caarjyn shirrey caarjys as graih, as t'ad jannoo assyn skeeal mychione mraane aegey caggey son gilley.

Foiled y.l. 1 (Jane Yolen)

Skeeal anaasoil as taitnyssagh mychione ben aegidagh ta currit da cliwederaght. Rish insh y skeeal, ta shin feddyn magh mychione y vea eck as y lught-thie. Cha nel caardjyn eck er y fa nagh vel ee ry-chur ayns possan sheshoil erbee 'sy scoill, agh ta bree as sheiltynys dy liooar eck. As eisht ta reddyn yindyssagh goaill toshiaght. By vie lhiam Aliera, as yn annym jialgagh eck, as y ven-vooinjerey eck myrgeddin. Cha nel eh dyn lhiettal dy vel ad cloie gammanyn cloie paart noadyr :)

Jones y plisman (John Aelod Jones)

Cha row mee shickyr cre'n torçh dy liooar v'ayn hoshiaght, agh dooar mee dy nee skeeal aitt as kiune t'ayn, mychione cooish 'olliaghtagh ayns balley beg çheerey Vretin, as dooiney er coayl. T'eh er Jones y chooish y 'easyley (gyn monney mian, son t'eh lhiastey dy liooar, agh ta'n ven echey shassoo er) agh ta ymmyrkey quaagh ny cummaltee, sheiltynys goan Yones as cooney saggyrt goaldagh cur er reddyn ve lane fud-y-cheilley. Ga dy vel JA Jones screeu dy goan, ta'n skeeal baghtal as screeuit dy mie, er lhiam. By vie lhiam eddyr-obbraghyn ny karracteyryn as feaysley jerrinagh ny cooish.

Celtic design : a beginner's manual (Aidan Meehan)

Laue-lioar ellyn er aghtyn dys jannoo jesheenaghey 'sy çhenn aght Celtiagh. Fondagh dy liooar, er lhiam, agh cha nel mee jesheenaghey monney! Ta ny caslyssyn ymmydoil, agh beagh eh ny share dy beagh ny coontaghyn roo ny s'leayrey.

Aqua y.l. 1 (Amano Kozue)

Manga kiune mychione ben aeg ta goll dys Mart dys ynsaghey dy ve ny gondoleyr. Ta'n skeeal jus mychione Mart, eddyr-obbraghyn marish co-obbree, as y lheid. By vie lhiam yn aght kiune echey, agh shegin dou gra nagh vel monney taghyrt 'sy skeeal! S'goan ny focklyn t'ayn chammah, myr shen she skeeal ass caslyssyn t'ayn, bunnys. Agh ta ny caslyssyn mie dy liooar.

Oreimo y.l. 3 (Fushimi Tsukasa)

Shegin dou gra nagh noddym lowal anaase y 'neen er y chooid cheintyssagh t'ee currit da; agh t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel y lheid ny s'cadjiney 'syn Çhapaan aght ennagh. Er y laue elley, s'mie lhiam foast eddyr-obbraghyn ny karracteyryn, as yn aght ta shuyr as braar çheet dy ve nyn caardjyn gyn scansh da'n scansh aigney as ymmyrkey t'eddyr oc. As s'mie lhiam lhaih stoo er nerdyn elley :)

Agh chionnee mee yn chooid smoo jeusyn ta heose, as hug my charrey dou fer elley 'syn Çheenish!

The end of week forty of the Reading Project. Blogger inexplicably deleted my long, lovingly-written piece so I'm very annoyed. Here's what I've read this week:

Toradora v. 2 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

More about two adolescents who unintentionally frighten their classmates, and their slow-burn attempts to help each other win over their crushes. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first. I found the characters a bit erratic, particularly the girls, which I felt weakened the story - people inexplicably taking offence or getting angry, and so on. Also, it's inclined to treat female violence as permissible and even basically harmless and funny, whereas of course male characters would be monsters if they acted similarly (and so don't). Not a huge issue, but it's a bit tiresome.

Toradora v. 3 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

And more. I feel like this story is shifting away from its original simple beginning (two youngsters without many friends looking for comradeship and love) and becoming a story about girls quarreling over control of a boy. It's not terrible, but I'm definitely less interested in it.

Foiled v. 1 (Jane Yolen)

An interesting, enjoyable story about a keen teenage fencer. As the story unfolds, we learn more about her life and family. Because her life and interests don't fit any social boxes, she ends up excluded at school, but she's lively and imaginative. Then fantastical things begin to happen. I liked Aliera and her slightly prickly self, and her cousin too. It didn't hurt that they mostly hang out to play RPGs :)

Jones y plisman (John Aelod Jones)

I wasn't sure what to expect here to begin with, but I found it to be a calm and entertaining story about the strange case of a missing man in a Welsh village. Jones the policeman is reluctantly obliged (mostly by his wife's determination) to try and solve the case, but the strange behaviour of the locals, Jones' rather limited imagination and the help of a visiting preacher combine to complicate matters enormously. Although JA Jones writes quite sparsely, the story's clear and effective, in my view. I enjoyed the interactions of various characters and the resolution of the story.

Celtic design : a beginner's manual (Aidan Meehan)

An artistic handbook on techniques for traditional Celtic design. As I don't really do much ornamentation, all I can say is it seemed decent. The illustrations were plentiful and good, but could have done with slightly clearer explanations - maybe a bit of numbering or some arrows to highlight what Meehan was talking about.

Aqua v. 1 (Amano Kozue)

A slow-paced, gentle manga about a young woman who travels to future Mars to become a gondolier (it makes sense in context). The story is basically just about Mars, her getting to know people and such ordinary things. I enjoyed the soothing tone of the story, but I have to say that as a result, not much happens. It's fairly short on dialogue, and at times is almost a picture book. But it's done well.

Oreimo v. 3 (Fushimi Tsukasa)

Well, I've got to say that I can't really condone the heroine's taste for the sort of sexual material she's obsessed with. It seems, from this and a bit of other reading, that that sort of thing is more acceptable in Japan. However, I do enjoy the character interactions, and the way a very different sister and brother are gradually making friends despite their vast differences of taste and opinion. And I do like reading about nerds.

But I bought most of the above recently, and my friend gave me another in Chinese!

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