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Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 41

Jerrey chied hiaghtin as daeed ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Mayo Chiki y.l. 2 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Aitt ommidjagh, agh aitt ny yei shen. S'mie lhiam yn inneen kialgagh, Kanade, ta reaghey ny caarjyn(?) eck car y traa cour deanyn folliaghtagh.

Mayo Chiki y.l. 3 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Mie dy liooar reesht. Lane dy eieyn ommidjagh er ennaghtyn as aggleyn, agh shen aght lioaryn, nagh nee?

I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother y.l. 1-2 (un lioar) (Kouichi Kusano)

Quaagh dy liooar. T'eh bentyn rish inneen ta feddyn magh dy vel ee ny doltey inneen, as myr shen nagh vel fuill dy lhiettal veih graih rish y braar eck as ee er cannoo ny lurg. Ta'n skeeal jus bentyn rish yn aght t'ee geabbey dy hayrn, as eshyn gyn fys er y doltey, as shassoo noi 'syn aigney echey. Ta aitt dy liooar ny keayrtyn, bentyn rish cleayney keintyssagh as nearey son y chooid smoo - as ghow mee taitnys dy liooar jus son yn aght kiarit as trome-chooishagh t'ee gobbraghey er y dean shen liorish saaseyn aitt - agh quaagh foast. Aitt Shapaanagh, nagh quaagh eh?

The stories of English (David Crystal)

Erreish dou dy lhaih, hooar magh mee nagh row ee er y rolley. Atreih! She lioar hrome t'ayn, ta soilshaghey magh as scrutaghey shennaghys ny Baarle, as shen er aght cooie: gyn croghey er "Baarle Chadjinit" car y traa, agh cur lane tastey da ny caghlaaghyn abbyrt, aght screeuee as keim loayrtagh v'ayn as t'ayn. Ghow mee soylley jeh, ga dy dennee mee dy row eh ro-hrome ny keayrtyn (585 duillagyn!). Ta Crystal currit da goaill stiagh kishtaghyn-lhiattee as sampleyryn ayndaue, as ga dy mie lhiam ad son y chooid smoo, t'ad brishey stoo ny h-arganeyn ny keayrtyn. T'eh cur ram tastey da cooishyn sleih by vie lhieu "aareaghey" as "stiurey" ny "freayll" y Vaarle, neayr's ny 1700yn foddee, as yn aght ta shen er ngoaill toshiaght brishey seose nish. Lioar 'ondagh.

Te yn y grug (Kate Roberts)

Çhaglym dy skeealyn beggey 'sy Vretnish. Agh cha nel monney aitt ry-akin ayndaue, er chor erbee. Ta'n chied 'er doolagh dy liooar, as ta'n daa ny yei gyn monney anaase. Eer my t'ee ginsh skeeal cadjin, ta blass truanagh er. Cha nel aitt erbee ry-akin, as daag mee jee er jerrey'n treeoo skeeal. Hooar mee coontey jee jus nish: "Stories of growing up and loss of innocence, of a child striving to understand the complexity of the world and its people, and accepting that disillusionment is part of life." Bwooise da Jee dy daag mee jee, dy jarroo. Ta bea ro-ghiare dy lhaih lheid y stoo doolagh.

The angel with one hundred wings (Daniel Horch)

Skeeal jeant ass eieyn 'syn Oie As Thousane Araabagh. Cha nel eh cur wheesh geill da ard-charracteyryn y vun-skeeal, agh da bea Abdulhassan, ny 'er-lhee as far-chemmicagh, as ny charrey y Hultan. She shenn dooinney t'ayn, agh t'eh goll er tayrn stiagh ayns skeeal daa pheiagh aegey as ta shen cur erree baase er. Er lhiam dy row ee beggan moal hoshiaght, agh haink ee dy ve feer vie. Son y chooid smoo, ta'n skeeal shoh mychione graih (ymmodee sorçhyn), goll er goaill stiagh ayns reddyn, eash as ve. Er y laue elley, ta contoyrtys as gaue ayn myrgeddin. Ga dy nee lioar 'allsoonagh ayn ny keayrtyn, cha voir shen orrym myr t'eh dy cadjin. By vie lhiam y coontey shoh jeh shenn 'er beggan sondagh, ta jannoo eh chooid share nish dy yannoo mie gyn fys erbee ny feanish baghtal er ny ta mie ny dyn. She coontey ennaghtagh as anaasoil t'ayn, lane dy vynphoyntyn fondagh: neuablid Abdulhassan dy hoiggal y lught-thie echey; doilleeid bea ayns balley fo fer ard-smaghtagh varrys oo dys marroo sannish; smooinaghtyn shenn deiney as y caarjys eddyr oc.

The end of week forty-one of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

Mayo Chiki v. 2 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Silly fun, but fun anyway. I like the manipulative girl, Kanade, who arranges her "friends" towards her own aims, allegedly in their own interests but mysterious and sometimes sadistic along the way.

Mayo Chiki v. 3 (Takemiya Yuyuko)

Still decent. Full of daft ideas about emotions, especially phobias, but hey, it's light-hearted fiction.

I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother v. 1-2 (un lioar) (Kouichi Kusano)

So, ah, yeah. This is about a girl who discovers she's adopted, which is really handy because she's lusting after her older brother (and vice versa). Mostly the story's about the way she tries to keep his attention, when he thinks they're blood relations and fights against his inclinations. It's entertaining enough, with a mix of embarrassment, comic lust, and the very serious ways teenagers go about things. I did enjoy the very straight-faced and deliberate way she works towards her goal via various quite comical methods - but it's rather strange at the same time. I think the cultural gulf here is broadish, because I really can't imagine the like coming out in English?

The stories of English (David Crystal)

After hammering my way through this brick, I found out it doesn't even seem to have been on the list. Tragic! It's a pretty heavy work in contrast to something like Mother Tongue, examining and explaining the history and diversity of English, without putting the usual emphasis on "Standard English". There's lots of stuff about the varieties that peacefully coexisted through most of history until some stupid ideas about linguistic and moral purity exploded onto the scene in the 1700s-ish. I enjoyed it despite feeling it was tough going at times, and had to settle into a good blend of reading and skimming. It's 585 pages! Crystal includes a lot of "sidebars" with examples, which are often interesting but can break up the flow considerably. He also spends a lot of time on the language reformers, but not actually an unreasonable amount in the end. A good solid book.

Te yn y grug (Kate Roberts)

A collection of Welsh short stories. But there's precious little fun to be had here (why are so, so many Welsh books like this?). The first one's miserable as anything, and the next two were short on interest and full of moping and lack of pleasure from the protagonist. Even when someone's relating anecdotes there's a shadow over the story. There's not a mite of fun to be seen, and I gave up at the end of the third story. Good thing too. I just found this on a page about the stage adaptation: "Stories of growing up and loss of innocence, of a child striving to understand the complexity of the world and its people, and accepting that disillusionment is part of life." Right barrel of laughs, eh? Life's too short to read miserable books.

The angel with one hundred wings (Daniel Horch)

A story based on an episode of theThousand and One Nights. It doesn't focus on the traditional protagonist, but on Abdulhassan, a pharmacist and alchemist who drifted into friendship with the Sultan. He's an old man now, but is drawn helplessly into the story of two youngsters while trying to do the right thing, and his fate is sealed by that. I found it slow to begin with, but enjoyed it very much in the end. The story mostly deals with love (of various kinds), absorption in things, age and life, but there's plenty of action amongst it. I enjoyed the portrayal of an unwittingly selfish old man who's doing his best to do good, without much idea or evidence of what's the right thing to do. It's a touching and interesting story, full of nice details: Abdulhassan's inability to understand his family; the challenges of life in an autocracy where you can be killed simply to quash a rumour; and the thoughts and friendship of old men.

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