Saturday, 1 June 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Jerrey Mee ny Boaldyn

Jerrey wheiggoo vee ny shalee. As?

Hoshiaght ny bleeaney: 128 lioaryn

Hoshiaght ny mee: 101 lioaryn

Myr shen, ta mee er scryssey 10 veih'n rolley, as cur stiagh 3 noa, as ta 94 faagit er y rolley. Fo y cheead, fy-yerrey!

  • Lioaryn lhaiht aym y vlein shoh (y chied cheayrt): 57

(ta lioar elley ayns ynnyd Alice in Waterland er y fa dy dug mee ish da carrey ennagh

(there's a placeholder book for Alice in Waterland, which I gave away)

End of the fifth month of Reading Project, so?

The Beginning: 128 books

The start of this month: 101 books

So I've knocked seven off the list (read ten, bought three), which leaves me 94! Finally, under the hundred!

  • Books read (for the first time) this year: 57

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