Monday, 13 May 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 19

Jerrey nuyoo hiaghtin jeig ny Shallee Lhaih. Ta mee er screeu rouyr er ny lioaryn er y gherrid; ta shen soo ram traa as bree assym, ny smoo na ta mee son ceau ad er lheid y chooish. Neeym eab ny coontaghyn y yiarraghey jiu. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Estrys (Sian Lewis)

Lioar mie dy liooar bentyn rish sleih aegey, sollaghar as shickyrys. Er lhiam dy row ny sleih soilshit magh dy mie, as chreid mee ny h-eddyrobbraghyn eddyr oc. Cha nee yindys ec jerrey ny folliaght - ta ny cowraghyn baghtal dy liooar da lhaihder - agh ny yei shen ghow mee ram soylley jeh'n aght feayslee eck as arganeyn cagh bentyn rish y chooish.

Strawberry Marshmallow y.l. 4 (Barasui)

Cha nel monney faagit dou dy lhaih nagh vel foawragh as trome, as ren mee briwnys dy chionnaghey red aasagh ny ghaa. Chionnee mee SM4 as ish y lhaih 'syn un laa - s'tappee eh manga y lhaih, agh ta'n lioar eddrym shoh myr palate cleanser lhiggee dou lioaryn elley y lhaih. Shen ny ta mee garganey, aghterbee... rere y 'traih, ta'n ym-lioar shoh foast lane aitt as eddyr-obbraghey taitnyssagh paitçhyn ta beggan neuchadjin. Ta'n ellyn foast mie, ga nagh vel eh lane vaghtal ny keayrtyn er cre'n chaillin ta Barasui dy tayrn.

Alice in Waterland (Mark J. Davies)

Coontey covestit jeh Lewis Carroll as yn awin Thames as Alice in Wonderland. Ta reddyn anaasoil aynjee, as veagh eh ny share dy beagh anaase mooar aym er Carroll; agh cha nel dy feer. Ny yei shen, as mish cummal rish yn awin hene, ghow mee soylley jeh. As ta'n lioar shoh jannoo baghtal cooish ny ghaa bentyn rish y skeeal as rish Carroll hene.

The end of week nineteen of the Reading Project. Recently I've drifted into writing longer reviews, but honestly that takes more time and energy than I really want to expend on this little self-motivational project. Here's what I've read this week:

Estrys (Sian Lewis)

A decent book about young people, pollution and certainty. I found it well-done, with believable characters and well-observed interactions between them. I particularly liked the older Bethan's friendship with Meirion as one of the few people who'd tolerate her more eccentric behaviours. The solution to the mystery was no great surprise, but I enjoyed the unpicking of it and the way the characters dealt with their discoveries.

Strawberry Marshmallow v. 4 (Barasui)

Since nearly all the books left in the pile are huge and heavy-going, I fancied grabbing something lighter. It's like a delicate sorbet to cleanse your palate before the next monster. As with the rest of this series, it's a light, fun read with charactes I still enjoy, and consistently solid art (just the occasional tendency for the girls to look too similar).

Alice in Waterland (Mark J. Davies)

An interwoven account of Lewis Carroll, the Thames and Alice in Wonderland. There's some interesting bits of information in there, and it clears up a few things about Carroll and the story, as well as giving me a bit more idea about life at the time. As I live near the river I found it quite interesting for that too. It'd probably be more rewarding if I had a big interest in the whole Alice thing, which I don't really, but never mind. Decent.

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