Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Jerrey Toshiaght Arree

Jerrey nah vee ny shalee. Ren mee dy mie?

Hoshiaght ny bleeaney: 128 lioaryn

Hoshiaght ny mee: 124 lioaryn

Myr shen, ta mee er scryssey 12 veih'n rolley, as er chur stiagh 2 noa, as ta 114 faagit er y rolley.

Obbyr hare, er lhiam! Shegin dou gra, ta mee moalaghey nish; ta mee er lhiah ny lioaryn beggey nish son y chooid smoo, as ta carnane dy lioaryn mooarey ayns nah-hengaghyn faagit dou. Trooid as trooid, foddym lhiam skeeal caslyssagh dy tappee agglagh, gyn eiyrtys er lhaih lioaryn elley. Nee'm my chooid hare, ny nei shen. Chammah's shen, ta mee jus laccal bree, beggan. Kyndagh rish obbyr, currymyn elley, co-chummaltee noa a.r.e., ta mee jus skee as gyn vree, agh s'treisht lhiam dy bee reddyn ny share dy leah. cha nel eh caghlaa...

...same pattern...

End of the second month of Reading Project, so maybe things have improved?

The Beginning: 128 books

The start of this month: 124 lioaryn

So I've crossed 12 off the list, added 2 more, and that leaves 114 to go.

Not bad, if I do say so myself. I've got to say, though, I'm slowing down a lot. I've read through a lot of pretty easy books, so there's a big heap of thick books left, many in other languages. Looking at the numbers, I can basically read a manga without affecting my other reading at all... but I'll try to keep plodding on. Also, I'm just generally slowing down. I've done a lot of reading, plus work, other activities and changes in my housemates are all reducing my time and enthusiasm. Fingers crossed things will pick up soon.

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