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Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 06

Jerrey'n çheyoo hiaghtin. She shiaghtin ghooillee v'ayn, ayns aght ny ghaa, as myr shen, shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Bakuman y.l. 8 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Shoh y caggey graih va mee jerkal rish, as v'eh jeant mie dy liooar, dy firrinagh. Dymmyrk ny gillyn ayns aght sturneishagh as moyrnagh deiney aegey ta mee foddey ro-ainjyssagh rish ass my vea hene, as ad soit er yn 'irrinys nagh row ad er nyannoo red erbee lane olk; va ny caillinyn lhottit 'sy chree er feanish so-chredjal as er fys dy row ny gillyn follaghey reddyn jeu; as y kiare jeu noi lowanse erbee. Honnick mee y lheid 'sy scoill... Er lhiam dy ren Ōba as Obata obbyr vie jeh. Chammah's shen, haink Ko my vlaa dy mie myr carrey, agh by hreih lhiam fakin erree fer elley. Ta co-obbraghey as (an)chaarjys ny h-ellyneyryn niartal dy liooar as s'anaasoil dou eh fakin ny foddee ad dy chooilleeney rish y cheilley. As myr dagh cheayrt, ta obbraghyn sthie colught manga anaasoil dy liooar, as ny fir cheirdey mooar dou.

Oh, as ta mee jeeaghyn er No Béarla ec y traa t'ayn. Feer anaasoil, ga dy nee drogh-naight t'ayn son y chooid smoo. Kiangley YouTube: Ayrn 1

Strawberry Marshmallow y.l. 2 (Barasui)

Eiyrtyssagh cooie da'n chied ym-lioar, er lhiam. T'eh foast lane taghyrtyn aitt, quaagh, agh so-chredjal jeh possan d'inneenyn aegey lane vioys. S'mie lhiam y 'neen noa, as ta beggan hene-chaslys ry-akin aym aynjee: ta mish lhiggey er nagh vel Baarle aym ny keayrtyn dys shaghney reddyn nagh by vie lhiam...

Bakuman y.l. 9 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

'Syn ym-lioar shoh, ta cochiangley Takagi/Kaya gaase dy fondagh, gyn scansh da boiraghyn so-chredjal. S'mie lhiam shen, beggan bea thie mastey crampyssyn bea ellynagh. Ta Nizuma, y reih-chohirreyer oc, er naase dy vee ny sloo oney rish eash, as t'eh plannal, smooinaghtyn dy cramp, as eer cooilleeney beggan kialg kenjal 'sy lioar shoh dys greinnaghyn ny h-ellynee elley t'er goayll cree. By vie lhiam fakin ny freggyrtyn oc da'n chialg shen, as ad cramp dy liooar. Ny yei shen, she ny reagheyderyn eh reih-gheiney y skeeal shoh, er lhiam. Beggan er veggan, ta Ōba as Obata er chur blass er lheh er dagh fer ga nagh vel ad ry-akin dy mennick, as rish politickaght cheirdey y skeeal shoh, t'ad tayrn vondeish feeu ass yn obbyr shen. Ta ellyn Obata wheesh mie as v'eh rieau, as t'eh caghlaa gyn marranys veih firrinys-sooilley dys mooadaghey ellynagh, ny goaill urree aght tayrnee elley dys cur trimmid er lheh da ny ta taghyrt. Yindyssagh.

Bakuman y.l. 10 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

...s'feer dy ren mee lhiggey lesh, as lhaih tree ym-lioaryn 'sy çhiaghtin cheddin. Dym fendeil hene, ta tree oyryn mie ayn, shen: 1) cha row bree aym dy lhaih reddyn doillee; 2) va tree ym-lioaryn aym ry-lhaih; 3) t'eh feer, feer vie. Ta'n ym-lioar shoh lane çhionnid, as t'eh fondagh ga dy nod oo cur çheb mie er ny haghyrys. Ta ram taghyrtyn-lhiattee mie ayn chammah, as aawoallaghyn ny boiraghyn ny fo-charracteyryn snaue dy dooghyssagh stiagh ayns yn ard-skeeal. Gyn çheet er yn ard-skeeal shen, ghow mee ram taitnys ass far-chimmeeys Takagi as Mashiro, as reesht, ass eddyr-obbraghyn ny reagheyderyn.

The end of week six of the Reading Project, which has been tricky for a few reasons. So here's what I've read this week:

Bakuman v. 8 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Here's the relationship drama I was expecting, and it's actually done pretty well. The lads act with the pride and stubbornness I remember all too well from younger days, standing on their confidence that they've done nothing really wrong; the girls are hurt on some pretty convincing evidence, and by the knowledge that the lads are keeping secrets from them; none of the four will admit any compromise. Just like the old days at school... I reckon Ōba and Obata did a good job of it. As well as that, I enjoyed seeing Ko come into her own as a friend, though I was sorry to see another character come to grief. The collaboration and frenemyship of the artists is pretty compelling stuff, and I like to see what they can accomplish together. As always, I also find the glimpses into the inner workings of a manga company intriguing, and I'm fond of the characters there.

Strawberry Marshmallow v. 2 (Barasui)

A worthy successor to the first volume. It's still full of entertaining weirdness, but stays believable for a gang of girls full of high spirits. I like the new character, and there's a wry hint of self-recognition there for me - I've been known to sham not speaking English now and then to get out of awkward situations...

Bakuman v. 9 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Eiji Nizuma becoming a bit more sophisticated with age, and engaging in some more complicated thinking, engaging in some well-meaning plotting to get the rest of the artists fired up. The rather complicated reactions of the other artists to his success are quite well-done, though at least early on, I found the editors stole the show. Obata's artwork is as good as ever, switching styles fluidly from realism to symbolic exaggeration in a way that always highlights rather than distracts from the story. It was also nice to see Takagi/Kaya's relationship progressing so solidly.

Bakuman v. 10 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

So, yes, I did crack and read three volumes in a single week. There are three main reasons: I wasn't up to reading anything else; I had three volumes to read; and it's really good. This one is full of tension that works even though you can probably guess how things will turn out. It also features some great action on the sidelines, with the repercussions or concerns of the supporting cast drifting into the main storyline very naturally. Aside from the main plot, I very much enjoyed seeing Takagi and Mashiro playing at crime, and from the interactions of the editors.

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