Thursday, 31 January 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Jerrey Jerrey Geuree

Jerrey'n chied vee, as traa mie dy yeeagh erash er cosnaghyn ny bleeaney derrey nish. Toshiaght 'ondagh, s'treisht lhiam! Lhig dooin cur shilley jee...

Hoshiaght: 128 lioaryn

  • Lhaiht aym: 17
  • Cheaut magh gyn lhaih: 1 - çhyndaays Germaanish ass y Vaarle, as nah lioar 'sy 'traih. Cha nel eh feeu.
  • Lhaiht aym bleeantyn er dy henney, myr hooar magh mee: 1
  • Feddynit er coayl jeh'n rolley toshee: 1
  • Currit dou er eeasaght: 1
  • Currit doa myr giootyn anmagh: 2
  • Currit dou dagh vlein myr oltey Undinys son Çhengaghyn fo Ghaue: 1
  • Kionnit aym liorish argid as kaartyn giootagh: 10 (...ny jean jeeaghyn orryms myr shen. C'red elley yinnin dy chionnaghey?)

Myr shen, ta mee er scryssey 18 veih'n rolley, as er chur stiagh 14 noa, as rere maddaght as rieughid, ta 124 faagit er y rolley.

Cha nel shen feer vie rish lane vee. Agh ta Nollick as laa ruggyree ec y traa cheddin wheesh dy chur boalley fondagh da carn lioaragh erbee. S'treisht lhiam nagh bee monney lioaryn elley ry-heet! Lhig dooin ooilley mish y ghreinnaghey er son Toshiaght Arree, eh?

Vel cleayn ennagh ry-akin ayd, foddee?

Are you starting to see a pattern?

End of the first month of Reading Project, and a good time to look back on progress so far. Hopefully, on a good solid start. Let's have a dekko...

The Beginning: 128 books

  • Read: 17
  • Discarded unread: 1 - turns out to be a translation into German of volume two of an English original. I haven't even read volume one. I can do without that, thanks.
  • Read years ago, as I now realise: 1
  • Found to be missed off the original list: 1
  • Lent to me: 1
  • Late presents received since I made the list: 2
  • Received annually as a member of the Foundation for Endangered Languages: 1
  • Bought with gifted money and gift cards: 10 (don't be like that. What else was I going to buy? Especially with WH Smiths voichers)

So all in all, that's 18 struck off the list... and 14 added to it... which sadly leaves 124 still to go, after all that!

Not the best progress for a whole month of reading. But Christmas and a birthday all at once is enough to give a kicking to any reading pile. Let's hope there aren't too many more books on their way. Here's to a successful February...

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