Monday, 28 January 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 04

Jerrey'n cherroo hiaghtin, as shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

New Horizons in Linguistics (re. John Lyons)

Reayrt fondagh er y vagher, s'cosoylagh - tra screeu ad ee ayns in 1970. Daaed blein er dy henney, ta blass çhirrym er yn aght screeuee, eer myr lioar oaylleeagh, as t'ee roshtyn anvullagh: va dagh art ro-veg dy chur anaase orrym er yn 'o-vagher v'ayn, ny soilshaghey magh bun-chooish noa, agh ec y traa cheddin, ro-haghnoaylleeagh da noanagh hirr er bun-lioar çhengoaylleeagh. Loayrt dy corrym, shen ny dooyrt y blurb: v'ee screeut myr coontey jeh cooishyn roie çhengoaylleeagh ayns 1970, as dy meeaighar, cha nel monney bree ec y tur-chooill shid jiu.

Dy beagh ny smoo anaase aym er shiartanse dy chooishyn - grammeydys gientynagh, semantaght, foddee - voghin ny smoo assjee, foddee. Myr t'eh, cha dug y lioar anaase aym er fer erbee jeu, as cha row monney ry-chur dou eck er ny reih vagheryn aym: çhengaghyn hene, cosoylaghey, sheshengoaylleeaght as çh't antrapoaylleeagh. V'ee lhiantyn rish cooishyn inçhynagh as sheiltynagh nagh mooar lhiam ad.

Bakuman y.l. 6 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Ny share na'n ym-lioar roish. Lhaih mee ee gyn scuirr. Beggan ard-haghyragh, foddee, agh cha nel erskyn credjue. By haittin lhiam eddyr-obbraghyn ny karracteyryn as nyn nooghyssyn tra v'ad dellal rish taghyrtyn 'syn aght bare lhieu. By vie lhiam eh myrgeddin aase y skeeal graih meanagh dy ve ny sloo mooadit skeealagh rish aase ny karracteyryn cour eash aasit, ga nagh row wheesh jeh'n fo-skeeal graih as by vie lhiam. Ta ny fo-charracteyryn anaasoil foast, bun beayn taitnys, as liorish streeu aignaghyn keirdey noi bochillagh noi persoonagh, va ram anaase ayn.

Léonard, génie à toute heure (Turk & de Groot)

Cha daink ee ass y charn lioaragh, agh er eeasaght voish co-obbragh aym. Çhaglym dy scheimyn aittey coar, springeragh as meein mychione ynlaghteyr corragh as y fer cooney neuspeeideilagh echey ta cluicagh dy kinjagh, gyn roshtyn arragh cluicys dy liooar. Ta marranys clou ennagh 'sy choip shoh, myr shen ta ny daahghyn beggan ass jeerid ny keayrtyn, agh ta'n ellyn hene feer schlei. Shimmey mynphaart cooylreydagh t'ayn, as ta bioys cloie ass y clane. S'mie lhiam skeealyn ynlaghteyr corragh - cummaght leah Professor Branestawm, foddee?

Myr shen, daa lioar ass y charn yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie... obbyr voal...

The end of week four of the Reading Project, and here's what I've read this week:

New Horizons in Linguistics (ed. John Lyons)

Probably a decent look at the field - in 1970. Forty years later its style seems very dry even for academic writing, and it seems to hit a sour spot - each article felt too short to get me interested in the subfield it discussed or explore a topic, but too technical to suit someone looking for a primer. In fairness, the back of the book says as much. It was intended as a report into developments in linguistics in 1970, for existing linguists, and unfortunately that very specific niche is really no longer relevant.

It's possible that if I was more interested in some of the subjects - generative grammar, say, or the semantic end of things - I'd have got more out of it. As it was the book failed to inspire me towards any of those topics, and had little to offer in my preferred areas of actual languages, comparative, social and anthropological issues. It had an emphasis on quite theoretical and brain-based topics that don't do much for me.

Bakuman v. 6 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Better than the last volume. I read it in a single session. A bit dramatic, but not unrealistically so, and I enjoyed the interplay of the various characters and their personalities in dealing with events as they thought best. It was also nice to see the main romance getting a bit less exaggerated as the characters are growing up, though a shame there wasn't more of the subsidiary ones. The bit-characters continue to be interesting, which is always good, and the professional versus pastoral versus personal three-way conflicts made for some interesting reading.

Léonard, génie à toute heure (Turk & de Groot)

Not one from the reading pile, but a loan from a colleague. A nice, gently comic and playful set of strips about the loony inventor and his hapless, not-quite-cunning-enough assistant. Some kind of printing error in this volume means the colours are sometimes a bit off, but the art itself's very tight, with lots of background touches and bubbling with life. I always enjoyed loony inventor stories - perhaps the early influence of Professor Branestawm.

So that's only two books from the pile this week... not the best progress...

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