Friday, 9 March 2012

Yn Çheer Gyn Vardaght

Chlebowski - Grajek przed meczetem w Konstantynopolu

Yn Çheer Gyn Vardaght

Haink y bard stiagh ayns çheer vooar nagh row bardaght erbee aynjee. As ren eh boirey dy mial er son yn ashoon shid gyn arrane beg ommidjagh erbee dy ghoaill ‘syn oie.

As dooyrt eh fy-yerrey: “Neeyms screeu er nyn son kuse d’arraneyn beggey ommidjagh do beagh ad gennal ‘sy raad as gearagh roish yn çhiollagh.” As rish ymmodee laghyn ren eh daue arraneyn eddrym, jeh’n torçh ta doodeeyn goaill er cruink ny çheeraghyn shinney s’maynrey.

Eisht hie eh da sleih ny çheerey as ad nyn soie as skee liorish tooilleil yn laa, as dooyrt eh daue: “Ta mee er screeu diu kuse d’arraneyn eddrym rere ny skeealyn meeresoonagh beggey, beggan gollrish y gheay ayns glionyn my aegid; foddee dy by vie lhiu ad y ghoaill rish ny h-oieyn meegherjoilagh eu.”

As dooyrt ad da:

“My t’ou credjal dy vel traa dy liooar ain ny laghyn shoh er son lheid yn ommidjys, s’baghtal nagh vel monney fys ayd er immeeaght chochionneeaght jeianagh.”

As ren y bard keayney as gra: “Atreih! T’ad caillt.”

Notey: Ta'n skeeal shoh ry-gheddyn myr skeeal clashtynagh lhaiht aym pene: recortys MP3

The Songless Country

The poet came unto a great country in which there were no songs. And he lamented gently for the nation that had not any little foolish songs to sing to itself at evening.

And at last he said: "I will make for them myself some little foolish songs so that they may be merry in the lanes and happy by the fireside." And for some days he made for them aimless songs such as maidens sing on the hills in the older happier countries.

Then he went to some of that nation as they sat weary with the work of the day and said to them: "I have made you some aimless songs out of the small unreasonable legends, that are somewhat akin to the wind in the vales of my childhood; and you may care to sing them in your disconsolate evenings."

And they said to him:

"If you think we have time for that sort of nonsense nowadays you cannot know much of the progress of modern commerce."

And the poet wept for he said: "Alas! They are damned."

Ta'n skeealeen shoh çhyndaait ass The Songless Country liorish yn Çhiarn Dunsany. Ta'n lioar vunneydagh ry-lhaih er Project Gutenberg.

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