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Enney Marranagh

Enney Marranagh

As Foaynoo shooyl ayns ard-valley ‘syn ‘astyr, honnick ee eddin daahghit Imraaghys jannoo mooar jee hene fo lostan gas, as shimmey peiagh v’er e ghlioonyn roee er laagh yn ‘traid.

“Quoi uss?” as Foaynoo roee.

“She mish Foaynoo,” as Imraaghys.

Eisht heel Foaynoo ersooyl dy kiune gyn peiagh erbee cur geill jee.

As lurg tammylt hie Imraaghys magh, as dirree ny h-ooashleyderyn as eiyrt urree; as leeid ee ad, dy kiart as cooie, da’n Ooig ghooie eck.

Notey: Ta'n skeeal shoh ry-gheddyn myr skeeal clashtynagh lhaiht aym pene: recortys MP3

A Mistaken Identity

Fame as she walked at evening in a city saw the painted face of Notoriety flaunting beneath a gas-lamp, and many kneeled unto her in the dirt of the road.

"Who are you?" Fame said to her.

"I am Fame," said Notoriety.

Then Fame stole softly away so that no one knew she had gone.

And Notoriety presently went forth and all her worshippers rose and followed after, and she led them, as was most meet, to her native Pit.

Ta'n skeealeen shoh çhyndaait ass A Mistaken Identity liorish yn Çhiarn Dunsany. Ta'n lioar vunneydagh ry-lhaih er Project Gutenberg.

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