Friday, 17 July 2015

Shenn chooinaghtyn: More by Luck than Judgement

Cheayll mee jeh shenn charrey er y gherrid, as hug eh gys my chooinaghtyn dy row shin tayrn caslys-skeealyn er feie ny leaghtyn foddey er ny henney.

Hooar mee kuse jeu (ghow mee toshiaght aahayrn ad keayrt dy row) as, wahll, shoh blass y traa t'er ngoll shaghey.

Recently, an old friend got back in touch, and reminded me that we used to squander time in boring lectures drawing silly cartoons. For some reason I entitled these "More by Luck than Judgement", in honour of a ceilidh band who played at my cousin's wedding (it's a good name, what can I say?).

I managed to track some of them down, which I started redrawing a few years ago, and well, here's a taste of the old days.

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