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Shalee lhaih 2015: shiaghtin 20

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

11d-17oo Vee ny Boaldyn

Jerrey feedoo shiaghtin ny Shalee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Moonlight Kreuz (Hazaki Yasumi)

Reih mee y lioar shoh gyn tort, myr shen t'eh so-chredjal nagh nee skeeal lane chooie t'ayn. T'eh bentyn rish conreeaghtyn - 'syn aght cheddin ta Twilight bentyn rish sooderyn-folley, foddee? Dy ghra myr shen, ga dy nee "conreeaghtyn" t'ayn, cha nel ny h-ard-charracteyryn caghlaa cummey. Ta'n fer soaral dy niartal, as ta'n chaillin... jannoo ben aasit aalin jee hene as niart neughooghyssagh eck? C'red? Ta ny noidyn lieh-chaghlaa - king voddee oaldey as y lheid. Ta'n ughtar jannoo eab er leshtal, agh phobble, m'ockle er...

Cha noddym moylley eh, atreih. Ta'n skeeal beggan neuvaghtal, gyn soilshaghey magh reddyn dy fondagh. Cha nel eh corrym-cheimagh noadyr: tra erbee ta reddyn scanshoil taghyrt, cha nel rheamys chamoo traa dy liooar currit daue, myr shen ta sleih çheet rish ass yn aer hene car y traa gyn soilshaghey erbee. Cha nel blass corrym echey noadyr: shoh duillag lane dy spotçhyn clichéagh mychione y çhennayr quaagh, as eisht ta conreeaghtyn geabbey peiagh ennagh y ghoaill ersooyl son geddyn sliught. Ta scansh cultooragh ayn, foddee, agh cha nel raipey as spotçhyn nyn biyr cooie er lhiam. Cha ghow mee soylley jeh skeeal, aght screeuee chamoo ellyn, myr shen cha lhiahym ny smoo.

As shoh red elley: cha nel moddee oaldey ny stroshey chamoo ny smoo tramylt na deiney. Myr shen, cre'n aght hooar lettyraght bishaghey jeh "fer ta jannoo moddey oaldey jeh hene" dys "fer ta geddyn niart as aalheimmaght neughooghyssagh voddey oaldey, gyn boirey er granaghey as y lheid"? Mannagh vel oo caghlaa cummey er chor erbee, cha nel oo dty conreeaght. Ta feme er y "chon", eh?

僕だけがいない街 (三部 けい)

Chionnee mee y lioar shoh ayns shapp er son y choodagh, dy firrynagh. Va mee jerkal rish skeeal mychione paitçhyn as scoillyn, s'cosoylagh. Wahll... marranys, chaarjyn. Marranys anvaaragh. Cheau mee ram traa roish my dod mee toiggal taghyrtyn y skeeal shoh: t'eh cast dy liooar, as cha dod mee er nyarkal rish er chor erbee. Ayns beggan focklyn, ta pooar ec y dooinney shoh traa y "aahogher" er son dy lhiettal baaseyn. Cooish anaasoil, nagh nee? Bun mie son skeeal contoyrtyssyn. Agh ta daa skeeal elley ayn myrgeddin! Hoshiaght, t'eh son cur gys cooinaghtyn yn amm paitçhey echey hene, as cre'n fa nagh dod eh kiangley rish sleih elley - er son y yioot, foddee? As ny s'anmey, ta treeoo skeeal çheet rish bentyn rish kimmee gaueagh. Rish jerrey'n skeeal, ta'n trass er nyn sniemmey ry-cheilley myr un skeeal lane chraueagh.

Va mee moal dy liooar rish y chied lieh, son v'eh orrym lhaih beggan er veggan dys toiggal ny va taghyrt as myr shen y skeeal hene. Lhaih mee y nah lieh gyn scuirr erbee, as y kerroo s'jerree gyn tayrn ennal er lhiam. T'eh jeeaghyn nagh vel y nah lioar ry-gheddyn ayns ny h-Inshyn Goaldagh, as t'eh angaishagh dou. Cha ren lioar cur wheesh greesaghey orrym rish eashyn.

Language Endangerment in the 21st Century: Globalisation, Technology and New Media (re. Tania Ka'ai)

Lioar vie dy liooar. T'eh goaill stiagh ymmodee artyn, kuse jeu lane phersoonagh, kuse jeu lane ard-scoillaragh. V'eh castreycair, agh cha ren art erbee geddyn greim orrym, er lhiam. Ta kuse ayn bentyn rish y Yernish as loayr ad er y Ghaelg nish as reesht!

Fockle s'jerree

Lhaih mee 3 lioaryn, va 100 aym yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, myr shen ta 97 faagit dou nish. Ta mee goaill cree lesh fakin ad lheie ersooyl. Va mee boirey er y gherrid, agh ta mee er ngoll tessen scansh aigney, er lhiam. Un doilleeid: ta ram lioaryn ayn nagh vel 'sy Vaarle, agh ta mee er lhaih y jees oc lieh-as-lieh, bunnys. Myr shen, ta cooid ny Baarle leodaghey dy tappee, as ta mee foddey ny s'melley lhaih ayns çhengaghyn elley!

English version

11th-17th May

The end of week twenty of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

Moonlight Kreuz (Hazaki Yasumi)

I picked this up more or less at random, so I suppose it's be expected that it wouldn't be a fantastic match. The story is about werewolves, in the same sense that Twilight is about vampires: the hero is just athletic, and the schoolgirl heroine turns into a stunning adult with superhuman strength (yeah...). Spurious handwaving is applied to try and explain this away, but seriously guys. The antagonists, however, do get all wolfy.

It's hard to tell what's the writing and what's the translation, but the story felt rather incoherent, quite generic, and not very well paced. The tone is also hard to judge: one page full of joky asides with the (manga cliché) loony grandfather, the next page a plot to abduct one or other character as breeding material. I think this is getting into cultural differences to some extent. Either way, neither story, writing not art sold me on this, so I won't read any more.

Random aside: Given that wolves *aren't* stronger or tougher than humans, how did this mythology go from "turns into just an actual wolf" all the way to "gains the superhuman strength and resilience of a wolf, without any of that awkward not-being-sexy stuff"?

僕だけがいない街 (三部 けい)

I picked this up on spec in a bookshop because the cover looked pretty cool. I was expecting probably a story about being a primary school (middle school in Japan, I suppose) kid. This is... not that. Very much not that. It took me a long time to get to grips with what it actually is, because it's both unexpected and complicated. To cut a long story short, the protagonist has a strange "rewind" ability that lets him skip back in time to prevent disasters. However, the story has two other major plot strands, which complicates matters. One is his ongoing attempt to understand his inability to connect with people, and to revive buried memories of the past. Later, a third strand appears involving a dangerous criminal. As the volume finishes, these three strands have converged into a single pulse-pounding story.

I was slow reading the first half, taking a good while to understand where things were going and so to get immersed in the story. I read the second half without stopping, and the last quarter without breathing. I am tormented by the fact that almost certainly no copies of the next volume exist in my country. I have not been this excited about a book for ages.

Language Endangerment in the 21st Century: Globalisation, Technology and New Media (re. Tania Ka'ai)

A decent read, with a fairly varied array of articles from the very personal to the very academic. Interesting enough, but I don't think any particular article really grabbed me.


I read 3 books, I had 100 last week, so 97 are left over. It's nice to see them going down. I was feeling fairly despondent about my book mound only recently, but now it feels like I've broken some kind of psychological barrier. They fit on one page of my LibraryThing account now. On the (possible) downside, because so many were non-English to begin with, and I've read a fair few English ones, the proportion is rapidly becoming overwhelmingly non-English, which means slower reading.

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