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Shalee lhaih 2015: shiaghtin 05

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

26oo Jerrey Geuree - 1d Toshiaght Arree

Jerrey queiggoo shiaghtin ny Shalee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

田中くんはいつもけだるげ ym-lioar 1 (ウダ ノゾミ)

Shoh manga aitt as kiune mychione daa yilley. Ta fer jeu lane gyn vree car y traa, as ta'n carrey echey cooney lesh cooilleeney bea. Shoh bun mie, son rere y fys aym, s'goan ta skeeal ayn mychione guillyn nagh vel bentyn rish caggey, contoyrtyssyn as y lheid. Gollrish, ah, Hidamari Sketch, ta'n skeeal shoh mychione reddyn so-chredjal laaoil. By vie lhiam ny karracteyryn Tanaka (gyn vree, creeney, stoagh, beggan dorraghey) as Oota (abyl, lane dy vree, kenjal, meein), as yn eddyr-obbraghey v'eddyr oc. Ta'n ellyn feer lhome, agh er lhiam dy row yn aght shen lane chooie da'n skeeal neuchramp.

Ties of Power (Julie Czernada)

Lhaih mee y lioar roish 'sy 'traih blein ny ghaa erash, as er lhiam dy nee seihll anaasoil noaskeealaght heanse v'ayn. Ta'n skeeal shoh soilshaghey magh ny smoo mychione y teihll, as ghow mee soylley jeh shen, chammah's jeh'n skeeal hene. Er y laue elley, shegin dou gra dy daink mee dy ve beggan skee rish lhaih ee. Wahll, she obbyr vooar v'ayn lhaih y lane lioar er turrys traen, agh cha row fys aym ec y traa shen dy beagh 500 duillag ayn! Shen neuvondeish e-lioaryn... Ta'n skeeal sheer-chaghlaa eddyr daa charracteyr, ayns aght nagh vel lane jesh er lhiam, as myr shen ta blass corragh er. Chammah's shen, ta ny taghyrtyn aayannooagh dy liooar; car y skeeal, t'ad goll er shelgey, goll er glackey, cosney roish reesht, as myr shen magh. Shen y red cheddin as y chied lioar! Oh, as sleih goaill neeal. Er lhiam dy vel ny cretooryn joarree ny smoo anaasoil na'n stoo mychione pooaryn aigney, agh s'baghtal eh dy vel anaase mooar ecksh er soilshaghey magh ny pooaryn. Ta mee jerkal rish ny nah lioaryn cur ny smoo geill da'n Chloan (pobble as pooaryn aigney oc) as obbraghyn ny pooaryn shen. Atreih; ta "sleih as pooaryn aigney oc" yn red sloo anoayshagh t'ee er ny chroo ayns shoh. Er lhiam nagh lhiahym y nah lioar bentyn rish ny karracteyryn shoh, agh nee'm jeeaghyn er ny skeealyn elley ta screeuit eck 'sy teihll shoh.

Fall (Lady Beela)

Cha nel mee son screeu barelyn deyree, agh cha nel y lioar shoh feeu lhaih er chor erbee, gyn çheet er eeck er ny son. She lioar veg t'ayn, agh cha neeu eh daa vinnid y cheau er lhaih ee. She Baarle lane vrisht t'ayn; marranyssyn grammeydagh ayns dagh raa, bunnys, derrey nagh vel blass so-chredjal er, as dy cadjin cha nel eie yn ughtar baghtal. Cha nel mee son streppey dy hoiggal ny ta foyd, as kiartaghey ny ta screeuit ayd rish lhaih eh, jus son dy lhaih skeeal. Shen ny smessey foast er y fa dy nee skeeal faase as eddrym t'ayn. She un vacsoyley mooar t'ayn, agh cha dod mee jannoo briwnys baghtal er cre'n macsoyley hene t'ayn - red ennagh mychione aigney, ny arrys foddee? As eisht un duillag lane neueiyrtyssagh mychione graih. Ah, ta'n lane skeeal mychione tuittym ayns graih, foddee, as t'eh dorraghey derrey vees y peiagh elley coardail rhyt? S'cosoylagh. Er y laue elley, she caslyssyn mie peintit t'ayn, as dy beagh skeeal fondagh maroo, by vie lhiam eh, foddee.

Fockle s'jerree

Lhaih mee 3 lioaryn, va 148 aym yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, myr shen ta 145 faagit dou nish.

English version

The end of week one of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

田中くんはいつもけだるげ volume 1 (ウダ ノゾミ)

A fun, low-key manga about two lads at school. One is always lethargic and unmotivated, while the other helps him get through life. It's a good premise, since in my experience, it seems rare to find a story about boys that doesn't focus on adventure (or, in the case of manga, fighting). This is like, oh, Hidamari Sketch, a believable story about everyday things. Perfect for a language learner! I liked the main characters Tanaka (lethargic, oddly wise, stoic, somewhat bleak) and Oota (competent, energetic, kind, a bit sugary), and their interactions. The art is quite spartan, but I felt its simple style was appropriate to this uncomplicated style of story.

Ties of Power (Julie Czernada)

I read the first volume of this set a year or so ago, and I found the sci-fi setting pretty interesting. This story reveals more about the world, which I enjoyed as well as the story itself. That being said, I have to say that I found it a little wearing to read. In fairness, reading it in one block on a train was a bit ask, but I didn't realise it would clock in at over 500 pages! The story switches constantly (every few pages) between the two viewpoint characters, which I found a little inelegant, making it feel a bit unstable. This also prompted me to realise that it's a bit repetitive: most of the story involves Sira (mostly) being attacked, pursued, imprisoned or escaping, as well as people constantly passing out. Actually, rather similar to the first book, as I remember it. Czernada is obviously quite invested in unveiling her psychic powers and their metaphysics, which is a bit of a shame as I find the rest of the setting much more interesting. I suspect future books will only increase the centrality of this element, and the psychic Clan, who feel like one of the least original and intriguing things in the story. On the whole, I'm only broadly positive about this book, and probably won't read the next about these characters. However, I might look out the others in the same setting.

Fall (Lady Beela)

I very rarely want to be this critical, but seriously: don't bother reading this book, and certainly don't bother paying for it. It will only take a couple of minutes to flick through, but it isn't worth the effort. The English is not very good. There are grammatical errors, and much of it simply sounds wrong. This doesn't really help with immersion, and in some cases makes it hard to tell quite what the author intends. I don't want to expend effort guessing what an author might want to say, mentally correcting and filling in, just in order to read a story. This is particularly true when the actual content is as flimsy as this. It's not even clear what the central metaphor is meant to be - something vaguely about changes in your life, maybe regrets, with a one-panel non-sequitur ending about love. Or, perhaps the whole thing is about the bleakness and obsession of falling in love unless the other one returns your affection? I can't be bothered trying to decide. On the plus side, the pictures are competent hand-painted pieces. If they were attached to an actual story, I'd probably like it.


I read 3 books, I had 148 last week, so 145 are left over.

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