Saturday, 30 November 2013

Shalee lhiah 2013: Jerrey Mee Houney

Jerrey kied vee jeig ny shalee.

Hoshiaght ny bleeaney: 128 lioaryn

Hoshiaght ny mee: 65 lioaryn

Myr shen, ta mee er scryssey 11 ass y rolley as ta 54 faagit er. Shen 4 ry-lhaih roish jerrey ny bleeaney - wahll, ny smoo my ta mee son freayll y carnane fo 50 trooid Nollick as laa ruggyree... Gambatte, Shim-san!

  • Lioaryn lhaiht aym y vlein shoh (y chied cheayrt): 125 lioaryn!

End of the eleventh month of Reading Project.

The Beginning: 128 books

The start of this month: 65 books

  • Read this month:
  • Not on the list: 1 (restarted and finished reading it after giving up once and marking it as done with)
  • New: 5. Yet more manga, of course. So easy and pleasant to read!
  • Struck off for other reasons: 2 that I've decided I just don't want to read (see elsewhere for details)

That's another 11 off the pile, leaving only 4 that I need to read by the end of the year - although if I want to reach the new year with under 50 through Christmas and a birthday, I'm going to need to read more than that, methinks.

  • Books read (for the first time) this year: 125 books!

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