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Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 48

Jerrey hoghtoo hiaghtin as daeed ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Pam fi eto, Duw? (John Owen)

Eiyrtyssagh da "Pam fi, Duw, pam fi?" as ny smoo 'syn aght cheddin. Er lhiam dy vel y lioar shoh ny sloo trimsagh, agh t'eh foast bentyn rish cooishyn crampey as doillee da ny sleih aegey. Ta aght screeuee as aigney Rhys foast so-chredjal myr gilley ta çheet dy ve ny dooinney aeg, as eshyn leaystey eddyr appeeys, ennaghtyn as boghtynid kiart gollrish mish as my chaarjyn 'syn eash cheddin (ga nagh row shin loayrt 'sy Vretnish ny smooinaghtyn er y chooish shen monney moadyr).

Ghow mee soylley jeh, agh v'eh beggan moal ny keayrtyn, as dennee mee dy row eh beggan ro-liauyr.

Chammah's shen, shegin dou gra nagh vel mian aym John Owen y lhaih reesht erreish dou feddyn magh ny loghtyn jeant echey. S'treih shen.

As kuse nagh vel ass y charnane, chionnee mee ad er y gherrid:

Azumanga Daiaoh Omnibus (Azuma Kiyohiko)

Lioar 'oawragh, agh cha row ee foawragh dy liooar, son lhaih mee ish ayns laa ny ghaa. Ta'n lioar shoh çhaglym scheimyn aittey 4-kerrinagh ren skeealeenyn beggey. Gollrish ymmodee mangaghyn elley ta bentyn rish cooishyn laa, t'ee mychione inneenyn scoill. She aitt meein neuchramp t'ayn, as ghow mee ram soylley jee. Cha kuse jeu ny share na kuse elley, agh shen cadjin dy liooar ayns reddyn aittey; t'eh jus croghey er yn aittys t'ayd.

Aqua y.l. 2 (Amano Kozue)

Ren mee jarrood ee; lhaih mee y lioar shoh shiaghteeyn er dy henney. She skeeal elley meein t'ayn, gyn monney taghyrt agh taitnyssagh dy liooar ny yei shen.

The disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan y.l. 2 (Tanigawa Nagaru)

Ta'n skeeal shoh beggan laccal taghyrtyn; son y chooid smoo cha nel monney ayn agh yn ard-charracteyr ve nearagagh bentyn rish gilley s'mooar lhee eshyn. Er lhiam dy vel eh croghey rouyr (wahll, rouyr dooys) er y skeeal elley t'eh bunnit er, shen straih cramp Haruhi Suzumiya nagh vel mee er ny lhaih. Cha b'olk lhiam eh, agh er lhiam nagh vel eh feeu dou lhaih ny smoo.

I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!! y.l. 6-7 (Kouichi Kusano)

Lioar aitt elley 'sy 'traih shoh. Aght ennagh chreid mee dy nee jerrey y skeeal beagh ayn, agh cha nee. Ta ny h-inneenyn foast lieh-chaggey son tastey gilley aeg ard-channooagh. Er lhiam nagh row eh wheesh aitt as yn ym-lioar roiee; er y fa, foddee, nagh vel monney caghlaa 'sy skeeal? Cha s'aym. Mie dy liooar, cha nel mee shickyr my lhaimys ny smoo ny dyn (agh my ta dreeys orrym traa ennagh, lhaihin y nah lioar gyn leaystey erbee).

Genshiken Second Season y.l. 1 (Kio Shimoku)

Aaaah. Cha nel mee rieau er screeu er y chooish, son lhaih mee ad bleeantyn er dy henney, agh by vooar ass towse lhiam Genshiken tra dooar mee ad. Va mee cliaghtey kionnaghey fer y vee, bunnys, myr beggan sheshaght aitt tra va mee my lomarcan. Ta'n straih bentyn rish possan ollooscoillagh as anaase oc er reddyn "otaku" - manga, anime, kiaddaghyn as lioaryn bentyn daue, as y lheid - oh, as ram jeu lane dy chooid cheintyssagh. Agh ta'n straih hene cooie da peiagh erbee, bunnys, as by vie lhiam lhaih er bea laaoil ny sleih shoh, as ny kianglaghyn eddyr oc, as ny cooishyn va scanshoil daue. She sleih quaagh dy liooar t'ayn, gyn ourys, agh nagh vel shin ooilley quaagh 'syn aght er lheh ain? As cha nel wheesh scansh eddyr "otaku" as "geek", ga nagh vel anaase aym er y stoo cheddin hene.

Aghterbee... ta'n "Second Season" erreish da cooid smoo ny karracteyryn er vaagail yn ollooscoill as sleih noa er jeet stiagh. S'mie lhiam fakin dy vel Ogiue ayn foast (as Ohno chammah, agh ta aigney as dooghys jialgagh Ogiue feer anaasoil). Ta'n possan çheet dy ve lane dy vraane, as shen anaasoil lesh dooghys y phossan caghlaa. Rere cliaghtey, ta'n skeeal tayrnit dy jeeragh as bio, lane dy mynphoyntyn ga dy vel yn ellyn cruinn dy liooar. Feer vie.

The end of week forty-eight of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

Pam fi eto, Duw? (John Owen)

A sequel to "Pam fi, Duw, pam fi?" and pretty similar. It's a bit less sad, but still dealing with the complicated and difficult affairs of teenagers. Rhys' style and mindset remain believable, swinging from ingenuous honesty to self-conscious self-mockery and between maturity and idiocy in a way that's very familiar to me when I was that age. Although we weren't that worried about the status of Welsh, to be fair.

I enjoyed it, but it felt slow and a bit long sometimes.

It's also impossible (now that I learned about it) to divorce these books from the appalling allegations made against John Owen after they were written. I don't think I could read any more from him. A shame.

And some that don't count, because I bought them:

Azumanga Daiaoh Omnibus (Azuma Kiyohiko)

Massive book, sadly not massive enough because I've finished it too quickly! It's a collection of 4-panel comics forming storylines, about (like so many others) some girls at school. It's simple, gentle fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The experience was a bit variable for me, because like anything aiming for jokes, some just work better than others for me.

Aqua v. 2 (Amano Kozue)

I actually bought and read this some time ago, but noticed I've missed it off the list somehow. It's another slow-paced and gentle story without much going on, but relaxing to read.

The disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan y.l. 2 (Tanigawa Nagaru)

This story, after two volumes, feels a bit light on plot; mostly there's little going on except the protagonist feeling nervous about the boy she likes, and some shennanigans around that. I suspect it's too heavily reliant on the original (a series called called The [various] of Haruhi Suzumiya that I've never read and don't particularly plan to after reading a bit about it. I don't hate this, but I just suspect it's not worth me reading any more, it's probably something only fans of the original would really appreciate.

I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother!! v. 6-7 (Kouichi Kusano)

Another fairly entertaining book in this series. For some reason I had the impression that this would be the end of the story, but it's not. As per, several girls are fueding (playfully and knowingly-ridiculously) over the attention of boy who's an incorrigible pervert. I felt like it was less entertaining than the last one, perhaps because not much changes in the story and it's feeling less fresh as a result? It's okay, I'm not sure I'll make much effort to read more of this series; but saying that, if I get bored sometime I'd probably read it without hesitation.

Genshiken Second Season v. 1 (Kio Shimoku)

Aaaah. I've never written about this, because I read them years ago, but I loved the original Genshiken manga when I discovered them. In fact, they're the first manga I read barring one volume of Ranma when I was far too young to know what manga was. I bought about a volume per month for a bit of cheering-up when I got lonely in my little flat. The story follows a (Japanese) university club for "otaku", i.e. people obsessed with manga, anime, plastic models, games and so on - with quite a heavy focus on adult material, although this doesn't shift Genshiken itself into the adult bracket. I found it really fun reading about the day-to-day happenings, relationships and aspirations of this bunch. They're all a bit odd in their own ways, but to be frank, aren't we all? I don't share their precise interests, but there's a hairsbreadth between "otaku" and "geek" for all that, and I found their personalities relatable. It helps that the protagonist is one of the less extreme examples and offers an introduction to the others.

Anyway... I discovered the existence of "Second Season" very recently and gave in this week. Most of the original characters graduated during or at the end of the original series, which means an influx of new people and a shift of focus. In the place of Sasahara, the original main protagonist, we have Ogiue - a quite natural change as they're similar types and she grew into a sort of viewpoint character during the last series. I've always liked her prickly character, so that's fine by me. The club is now overwhelmingly female, which leads to an interesting shift in focus for the club as a whole. Pleasingly, the old members still make an appearance. As always, the story is well illustrated, with lively drawings filled with detail, despite a deceptively simple style. Just excellent, really.

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