Monday, 16 September 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 37

Jerrey hiaghtoo hiaghtin jeih as feed ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Bakuman y.l. 18 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)

Lane vie.

Va mee currit ass as fud-y-cheilley yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie liorish doilleeidyn thie. Cha row cree ny bree aym son lhaih. Chionnee mee Bakuman noa, as aalhaih reih-lioar ny ghaa nagh row feme aym er bree erbee dyn lhaih.

The end of week thirty-seven of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

Bakuman y.l. 18 (Ōba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi)


This week was a mess because of various home crises that sapped any will or energy for reading. I treated myself to a new Bakuman and reread a couple of old favourites that required zero effort.

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