Monday, 2 September 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 35

Jerrey wheiggoo hiaghtin jeih as feed ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Y Syrcas Dyfed Edwards

Cha lhiah mee ish dy kiart, agh cur shilley bieau ny hrooid, erreish dou jannoo briwnys nagh by vie lhiam ish. She lioar scoagh t'ayn, as er lhiam dy vel eh jeant mie dy liooar son shen; agh jeh'n torçh dy scoagh ta sollagh as lane raghlid graney. Er lhiams dy row kiart aym, son ta snaie 'sy skeeal bentyn rish ard-lhottey as dunveryssyn agglagh. Share lhiam "scoagh" 'syn aght Lovecraft, lane reddyn quaagh agh nagh verrys orrym gennaghtyn skeeahoil. My ta mee shirrey skeealyn er olk deiney, ta shen ry-lhiah 'sy phabyr naght laa erbee, atreih.

Y Syrcas Dyfed Edwards

I didn't read this as such, but nosed through it fairly quickly after deciding it wasn't going to be my thing. It's a horror story, but my taste for 'horror' (insomuch as I have one) is distinctly along the Lovecraft lines, full of strange things that affect the narrator but won't make me personally feel queasy. Seems I made the right call; although there's some kind of alien monstrousness going on, there's also a notable strand about a mutilating murderer and people being helpless in each others' power, which I really can't be doing with. If I want to read about the evil men do in their lives etc., then sadly I have only to pick up a newspaper.

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