Monday, 10 October 2016

Widdershins 'sy Ghaelg!

Naight greesee! Wahll, dooys aghterbee...

Erreish da tammylt agglagh (t'eh orryms son y chooid smoo), ta lhieggan Gaelg y caslys-skeeal Widdershins: Sleight of Hand ry-gheddyn nish myr PDF nastee, çhyndaait ayms. As ta, ta kied kenjal Kate aym son y lhieggan shoh!

She skeeal yindyssagh t'ayn, lane contoyrtys as aitt, as ren mee my chooid hare shen y chowraghey 'sy Ghaelg myrgeddin.

Gura mie ayd da kuse dy chaarjyn hug coyre dou 'syn obbyr.

Exciting news - for me, at least...

After a really excessively long time (mostly my fault) the Manx edition of Widdershins: Sleight of Hand is now available as a free PDF, translated by me, with the very kind permission of the author Kate.

It's a really excellent story, full of adventure and fun, and I did my best to portray that in the Manx version.

Thanks to those friends who gave kind advice in the work.

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