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Shalee Lhiah 2015: shiaghtin 45

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

2h - 8oo Vee Houney

Jerrey queiggoo shiaghtin as daeed ny Shalee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

バクマン y.l. 2 (大場 つぐみ, 小畑 健)

Yl-lioar fondagh, lane dy haghyrtyn ta seiy y skeeal er oaie. S'mie lhiam y kiangley quaagh t'ayn eddyr Shuujin as Kaya: cleayn, cooidjaghtys as cohirreydys covestit, as ta blass ennagh er y vroish ta tayrn gy scooinaghtyn kianglaghyn caardjyn scoill aym nagh doig mee ad er chor erbee, agh v'ad cummal seose dy mie aght ennagh. Dy jarroo, ta'n kiangley shoh ny smoo anaasoil na coardailys quaagh Mashiro as Miho ta jeant er dreamyn gloyrnvianagh aegid.

Ta'n skeeal shoh jummal stiagh mooarane dy 'ys er y çhynskyl manga, as myr shen t'eh trome nish as reesht. Agh t'eh soilshaghey magh caslys so-chredjal jeh wheesh dooillee ta bea ellyneyr manga. Ta'n sterrym ennaghtagh shen goll er mooadaghey foast ayns aignaghyn jeigeyryn gloyrvianagh as jerkallys neuresoonagh oc.

The Little Worm Book (Janet and Allan Ahlberg)

Lioar veg lane d'aitt mychione feeiud as boggey dhianeyn. She boghtynid t'ayn, dy jarroo, aitt teaymagh hene. Ta duillag ny ghaa ayn hug orrym gearey er ard: Dhiane Mooar ny Seer, myr sampleyr. As ta caslyssyn Yanet Ahlberg er feie ny lioar as ad keshal lesh bree. Ny share gyn lhiggey da paitçhey credjal y chooid - veagh molley agglagh ayn! - agh she bolgum spoyrt t'ayn.

The Colour of Water (Kim Dong Hwa)

Skeeal smooinaghtagh er kynney, appaghey, doostey keintyssagh as caghlaaghyn graih. 'Sy nah lioar shoh, ta beggan fys ec Ehwa er y dooghys keintyssagh eck, as t'ee gappaghey dys ben aeg ayns ynnyd paitçhey. Ta'n skeeal graih 'sy lioar shoh feer tappee, dy jarroo - cha nel eh lane vaghtal wheesh dy hraa ta goll shaghey, agh t'eh corlhiemmey er oaie er lhiam. Ny yei shen, ta coraa meein y skeeal moogey blass joltee erbee. Dy jarroo, she coloayrtyssyn dowin graihagh Ehwa as e voir ta cooid smoo y skeeal, as ad resooney magh keeallyn "graih", "bwoirrinys" as "poosey". Foddee oo gra dy nee e voir hene ta feniagh y skeeal, as Ehwa y fakider ta soilshaghey magh dooin y bea oc.

Fockle s'jerree

Lhaih mee 3 lioar, va 71 aym yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, myr shen ta 68 faagit dou nish. Shegin dou lhaih 18 lioaryn ayns 7 shiaghteeyn.

English version

2nd - 8th November

The end of week forty-five of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

バクマン v. 2 (大場 つぐみ, 小畑 健)

A good solid volume with lots of development. I like Shuujin's rather strange relationship with Kaya, a mixture of attraction, companionship and competitiveness - it has some verisimilitude to it that reminds me of schoolfriends' relationships that often left me puzzled. In truth, it's vastly more interesting than Mashiro and Miho's far weirder relationship built on lofty ideals.

There's lots of insight into the industry in this volume, which can get a bit heavy. It nicely showcases the challenges of even trying to get into manga, and how this emotional rollercoaster grows even more exaggerated in the hands of idealistic teenagers with unrealistic ambitions.

The Little Worm Book (Janet and Allan Ahlberg)

A delightful little book about the joys of worms, with the charming illustrations I expect from an Ahlberg book. Though the whole thing is sheer nonsensical whimsy, there are some particularly bizarre entries that really put a smile on my face. Of course, a child reading this could be in for some serious disappointment if they take it as truth! A little mouthful of fun.

The Colour of Water (Kim Dong Hwa)

A thoughtful exploration of family, growing up, sexual awakening and different kinds of love. In this second book, Ehwa is becoming more aware of her sexuality and becoming less of a child, more of a young woman. The actual romance arc is quite fast, as the book seems to compress time quite a bit, but its gentle tone prevents it feeling rushed. The loving, deep conversations between Ehwa and her mother actually form most of the story as they explore the concepts of romantic love and marriage.


I read 3 books this week, I had 71 last week, so 68 are left over. I have 18 books to read in 7 weeks.

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