Monday, 26 August 2013

Shalee lhaih 2013: Shiaghtin 34

Jerrey cherroo hiaghtin jeih as feed ny Shallee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

Endangered languages: voices and images (FEL)

Coontey oikoil chruinnaght yn Çheshaght son Myn-hengaghyn 2011. S'anaasoil dy liooar eh, as ghow mee soylley jeh, ga dy nee lioar hrome t'ayn ny keayrtyn, er y fa dy nee artyn ard-scoillaragh t'ayn. Cha dod mee lhiah agh art ny ghaa ec yn un traa, as veagh eh orrym ny smoo traa urree y cheau, agh cha dod mee lhaih y lieh jee. Shen er y fa dy vel ad 'sy Spaainish (va'n chruinnaght 'syn Ecuador) as cha nel coontey giare erbee 'sy Vaarle oc. Ta mee toiggal dy nee obbyr veg t'ayn as nagh vel monney argid oc son çhyndaa; er y laue elley, cha noddym geddyn wheesh feeu assjee, as er lhiam dy row ny h-artyn smoo anaasoil dooys 'sy Spaainish! Atreih.

Aw, as cha row y lioar shoh er y rolley. Mollaght.

A distant neighborhood Taniguchi Jirō

Ny manga sheiltynagh, as fer currit erash 'syn emshir chaie, ny yilley reesht agh aigney aasit echey as fys er ny ta ry-heet. Ta'n ellyn mea as saiagh, ga dy vel eh kiune dy liooar; er lhiams dy vel y myn-ellyn shoh as eh undaahagh cur niart da foddeeaght y skeeal. T'ee ronsaghey aegid y dooinney dy mial, beggan er veggan. Ghow mee soylley jeh, agh er lhiams nagh dod mee er surranse agh yn un lioar rish tammylt - ta trimmid echey, as er lhiams dy darrin dy ve skee. T'ee bentyn rish foddeeaght, currym as freggyrtys, kyndid, kynney, as y scansh t'eddyr yn aegidagh as y fer aasit. Cha nel mee lane shickyr my by vie lhiam ny smoo y lhaih ny dyn. Ghow mee soylley jeh, agh ta blass ennagh echey ta cur orrym ennaghtyn dy bee eh sharroo ny garroo er y chree ny keayrtyn.

Endangered languages: voices and images (FEL)

The procedures of the Foundation for Endangered Languages conference 2011. Interesting and worth a read, although being a set of academic presentations and articles it's far from light reading. I only managed a couple of articles at a time, and it'd have taken longer, except that half of it was in Spanish and had to be skipped. The conference was in Ecuador, so Spanish was permitted alongside English, but they mysteriously didn't include even an abstract in English, which was a shame. I appreciate it's a small specialist publication without funds for translation, but it means I missed out some of the value of the work, and it's particularly irksome that the most interesting-looking articles for me were all in Spanish! Alas.

And of course, this wasn't even on the list. Pants.

A distant neighborhood Taniguchi Jirō

A contemplative manga about a man who finds himself cast back into his own boyhood, but retaining his adult thoughts and memories. The art is quietly rich, and I felt the detailed monochrome style added to the nostalic feel of the work. It tentatively explores the protagonist's childhood, touching on nostalgia, responsibility, guilt, family and the differences between children and adults. I enjoyed it, but unlike some manga I don't think I could have handled another volume afterwards, because the relative weight of the themes makes it a little more challenging. I'm not entirely sure whether I'll want to read more of this, as I sense some heavy and potentially painful issues on the horizon.

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