Saturday, 19 November 2016


As lane skeeal Innsmouth çhyndaait aym, ta mee goaill beggan aash jeh skeealaght.

Ec y traa t'ayn, ta mee prowal eieyn bentyn rish croo lioaryn-l daahengagh. She obbyr ghoillee t'ayn er y fa nagh vel cummal fondagh ec lioaryn-l; t'ad caghlaa rere y lhaihder-l t'ou uss jannoo ymmyd jeh, as reddyn elley. S'doillee agglagh eh croo, myr sampleyr, daa chollooghyn. Ayns lioar jeant jeh pabyr, ta daa ghuillag ayn as t'ou jus cur Gaelg er y nane jeu as Baarle er y fer elley. Agh cha nel duillag brash ec lioar-l!

Dy noddym jannoo obbyr vie jeh, t'eh foym cur lioar-l ass ny skeealyn ta çhyndaait aym, lesh teks daahengagh as noteyn bentyn rish y ghrammeydys as reddyn elley. Veagh shen ny share da sleih jannoo ymmyd jeh, foddee.

With the rest of Innsmouth translated, I'm taking a bit of a break from that.

Recently, having seen how much translation I've done, I've been pondering the idea of creating parallel text ebooks. It turns out to be very difficult. Ebooks don't have two pages to use the traditional printed format of one page per language, and it's hard to give them any fixed layout at all - they adjust to the e-reader you're using and the user's settings.

If I can do anything with it, I'd like to turn my translations into an ebook with parallel text and annotations, which might be more accessible than the website.

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