Thursday, 2 April 2015

Shalee lhaih 2015: kied cherroo-vleeaney

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

Wahll, shen tree meeghyn. Cre'n eiyrtys derrey nish?

Va 159 lioarym aym hoshiaght, as ta mee er lhaih 39 jeu. Shen obbyr vie, er lhiam. My noddym cummal seose shen, chooilleenym y dean gyn boirey.

Atreih, er lhiam nagh noddym. Erreish da toshiaght vie, shimmey red t'er my lhiettal jeh lhaih. Ta mee cur stiagh dy jeean son staartaghyn, as ta shen soo y bree assym. Ta mee troailt dys co-akinyn, as gaarlaghey er nyn son, as shen jummal traa (cha chossyn mee staartey foast, myr shen, jummal traa). As er y gherrid ta mee er surranse tree feayraghtyn gyn agh beggan scuirr eddyr oc! Ta mollaght orrym, s'baghtal... My ta shen shareaghey, s'treisht dy roshym y dean.

'Sy cherroo shoh, reihym Forward the Mage myr y Reih Lioar.

English version

First Quarter

So, what have I managed over the past three months?

I began with (more or less) 159 books, and I've read 39 of them. That seems like decent progress, and if I can maintain that sort of rate, I'll hit the target all right.

Unfortunately, I probably can't. I started promisingly, but I've had a lot of setbacks recently. I'm spending a lot of time applying for jobs, which is pretty soul-sucking, and a fair bit of time is being squandered on jobsearching, interview prep and actual interview days. I say "squandered" because no joy yet, alas. Oh, and I'm doing some freelance work to tide me over. Plus, recently I'm constantly assailed by hideous colds, leaving me lethargic and apathetic. Some kind of curse, clearly. If I can shake those off, things will improve, I hope!

For this quarter, I'll pick 'Sy cherroo shoh, reihym Forward the Mage as Best Book.

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