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Shalee lhaih 2015: shiaghtin 01

Go here for English version. Note, this is rewritten from scratch, not a direct translation.

1d-4oo Jerrey Geuree

Jerrey kied shiaghtin ny Shalee Lhaih. Shoh ny lhiah mee yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie:

The King in Yellow (Robert Chambers)

Ta ennym ny lioar shoh ry-chlashtyn tra ta peiagh erbee loayrt er far-skeealaght whaagh, fansee ny obbyr Lovecraft, as myr shen va mian orrym ish y lhaih. T'ee mie dy liooar, agh va mee jerkal rish lioar dy skeealyn quaagh; myr shen voir eh orrym dy nee skeealyn shennaghys t'ayn son y chooid smoo.

Hoshiaght, ta kiare skeealyn quaagh aynjee. T'ad covestey far-hennaghys, reddyn neughooghyssagh, as aght screeuee bardoil mea, as she skeealyn braew arraghtagh miolagh t'ayn.

Erskyn ooilley, ghow mee soylley jeh The Repairer of Reputations. She skeeal insheyder missilagh t'ayn, agh cha nel shen baghtal rish tammylt. Ta Chambers soilshaghey magh baanrid tayrnagh as scoaghagh, as cha nod oo goaill toshiaght ny snaieyn sniemmagh y 'eaysley derrey jerrey'n skeeal. Yiow uss dy vel rieughid hene y skeeal jeh geinnagh vio. Ta'n skeeal shoh mastey ny skeealyn quaagh share aym hannah.

Ta drama farskeealagh The King in Yellow hene ard-ghooagh; va cummaght vooar echey er y Cthulhu Mythos. T'eshyn ry-akin ayns The Yellow Sign, as dy firrinagh, cha row eh cha quaagh as ooilley shen. She cummey noa jeh'n shenn deyrey neughooghyssagh t'ayn, son y chooid smoo. Ny yei shen, t'eh screeuit dy mie er bashtal. Ta focklaght Hambers jannoo yn arreyder agglagh so-chredjal, chammah's ny smooinaghtyn as ashlishyn quaagh nagh nod ny karracteyryn geddyn rey roo. Ghow mee soylley jeh. Agh shegin dou gra, rere ambee yn skeeal shoh, va mee jerkal red ennagh foddey ny s'quaaghey!

Ta The Court of the Dragon, The Mask and The Damoiselle d'Ys nyn skeealyn fondagh neughooghyssagh, as blass beg quaaghid er Court. Ta annym oc ooilley, as rhyddim mie ta tayrn oo er oaie.

Ta ny fir elley nyn skeealyn shennaghyssagh. T'ad bentyn rish bea creoi: Paarys fo çhennid, ny bea ayns kerrooyn boghtey Bohemagh. Ta blass bardoil grouw orroo, as t'ad screeuit dy mie foast, agh shegin dou nagh ghow ad greim orryms. Va mee shirrey quaaghid, as cha row eh ry-gheddyn ayns shoh. Dy jarroo, er lhiam dy nee ellyn-erskyn-bree v'ayn, son cha haghyr monney ayns ny skeealyn shen: va taghyrtyn ayn, agh cha dooar mee monney skeeal chamoo aase karracteyr. Er y laue elley, ta Chambers croo yn ennaghtyn dy schlei as ta ny karracteyryn so-chredjal, gyn ourys.

坂本ですが? (佐野 菜見)

Shoh manga aitt mychione scoill - ta, ta fys aym, shen bun dagh ooilley vanga, bunnys! She ynseydagh mie er bashtal eh Sakamoto yn ennym: ard-inçhynagh, gastey, braew, schlei ec dagh ooilley currym. Foddee oo credjal dy beagh ny skeaalyn shoh dree, son shimmey skeeal dree t'ayn mychione ard-charracteyr ta ny ard-oayllee yl-cheirdagh. Agh 'sy chooish shoh, cha voir eh orrym er chor erbee. Er lhiam dy nee forse najooragh t'ayn, ayns ynnyd jeh ard-charracteyr, as ta ard-charracteyr hene ec dagh cabdil, bentyn rish eiyrtys Hakamoto orroosyn. Chammah's shen, ga dy vel eh ard-ghooagh, as ambee mie echey, as mraane cur sou-ghraih er, t'eh scapail ve ny Mary Sue aght ennagh; myr dooyrt mee, cha nel feer vlass Yn Ard-Charracteyr echey. Ghow mee ram soylley jeh'n skeeal shoh. Ta'n Çhapaanish beggan cramp, son she aght aeglee t'ayn son y chooid smoo, agh baghtal dy liooar son y chooid smoo.

RiN (ハロルド 作石)

Shoh skeeal mychione fer aeg by vie lesh screeudeyr manga y ve. Agh, nagh nee Bakuman v'ayn? Cha nel. Ta'n skeeal shoh mychione fer ynrican, as cha nel y chied obbyr echey geddyn y freggyrt millish cheddin as karracteyryn Bakuman noadyr. Er lhiam dy ren eh obbyr vie jeh soilshaghey magh eddyr-obbraghey dagh ooilley charracteyr: lieh-soorey neuaashagh sleih aegey, coloayrtyssyn caarjyn mie, reagheyder ta lhaih jeih kied skeeallyn screeudeyryn-manga-dy-beagh 'sy laa as y screeudeyr hene, lieh-asschaarjys daa 'er aeg... va blass rieughid orroo ooilley, er lhiam.

Er y laue elley, va mee lane fud-y-cheilley rish lhaih y nah skeeal, son she lioar daa skeeal t'ayn. Ta'n snaie elley bentyn rish ben aeg, Rin hene ennym y lioar. Er y fa nagh vel yn Çhapaanish aym flaaoil, meehoig mee hoshiaght. Er lhiam dy row y skeeal ecksh, rere Bakuman, bentyn rish mian dy ve ny ben-chloie ny red ennagh, as nagh row ee shickyr mychione shen; nagh row red ennagh ayn mychione mraane rooshtee as argane marish drogh-'er? Myr shen, er lhiam dy nee reddyn quaagh va taghyrt ayns toshiaght y skeeal. Marranys! Shoh y red: er lhiam dy nee skeeal lane rieughagh v'ayn, bentyn rish sleih cadjin as mianyn cadjin, as cha nee er chor erbee! Ta'n aahilley ec Rin, agh cha doig mee shen derrey jerrey hene yn skeeal. As y fys shen ayms nish, ta'n lane skeeal jannoo keeall dou.

Ny yei shen... v'ad loayrt mychione mraane rooshtee, aghterbee. Cha nee 100% ommidjan t'ayn foast.

Ta'n ellyn mie as rieughagh son y chooid smoo, agh ta blass aitt kiune er. T'eh soilshaghey magh aigney ny karracteyryn liorish caghlaa cummey y reayrtys; myr sampleyr, ta cummey doarneyrys er kied çhaglym Fushimi as y reagheyder.

Fockle s'jerree

Lhaih mee 3 lioaryn, va 144 aym hoshiaght, myr shen ta 141 faagit dou nish. 頑張って!

Kiartaghey: Lhaih mee 3 lioaryn, va 159 aym hoshiaght, myr shen ta 156 faagit dou nish. 頑張って!

English version

The end of week one of the Reading Project. Here's what I've read this week:

The King in Yellow (Robert Chambers)

This book always comes up when talking about weird fiction, fantasy or Lovecraft, so I wanted to try it. It's a decent read, but the stories vary considerably in genre, and I personally found the mix of weird tales and moody historical vignettes rather dissatisfying.

The first four are deeply weird stories. They combine alternative history, a very sinister supernatural, and lyrical writing, with excellent results. All are macabre and intriguing.

The Repairer of Reputations is a really effective tale of the unreliable narrator, which paints a fascinating and alarming picture of madness. It's not until right at the end that you can begin to unravel the complex delusions that intertwine, and find the very foundations of the story are shifting sand. This is already one of my favourite weird tales.

The titular (fictional) play The King in Yellow features in The Yellow Sign. It's actually not such a strange story, essentially a new twist on the supernatural curse. However, it's very well-executed, with compelling writing that really sells the repulsiveness of the watchman, and the dogged thoughts that will not leave our protagonist alone. I confess, though, that all the build-up this story has elsewhere had led me to expect a far weirder tale. The Court of the Dragon, The Mask and The Damoiselle d'Ys are less striking, though all of them are solid supernatural tales. There's a little flavour of the weird to Court, which I liked a great deal, and all are well-written and drew me along easily.

Beyond this, the collection moves into essentially historical writing. The stories retain the underlying grim notes of the early tales; one is about Paris under siege, the others about life in poor Bohemian artists' quarters. The writing remains good, but having come for weirdness I found little to appeal in these. They felt like style over substance, for very little seemed to happen, either in plot or in character development. That being said, they do evoke their atmosphere very effectively.

RiN (ハロルド 作石)

The art in this book is great; clear, crisp, an evocative mixture of realism and impressionistic touches. Perhaps not quite as much to my taste as Obata Takeshi’s work, but very solid. He reskins some scenes to depict emotion, such as painting Fushimi's first encounter with an editor as a boxing match.

The story was, for a Japanese learner, a little harder to follow. It seems to be along the same lines as the excellent Bakuman, following a would-be manga artist’s struggles. Unlike the artistic duo in Bakuman, our hero Fushimi meets with blunt rejection on his first attempt, which is a bit more convincing.

However, this story features a second plot that initially seems entirely separate, featuring what’s presumably our heroine Rin. I confess that I was initially completely baffled by this thread. As far as I could tell, she was ambivalent about possibly becoming a model, or some such thing? I was assuming this would be a mundane story about ordinary people. I worked out only in the last few pages that Rin is, in fact, some kind of psychic or medium, who can see ghosts and/or the future and past. Having worked this out, the story makes a lot more sense. To a fluent reader it should be pretty straightforward, though!

I liked the interactions between characters here. Awkward maybe-flirting teenagers, close friends, bored professionals, would-be agents, I thought they were all pretty convincing.

I’d call this a solid book, with characters I’m happy to follow and a reasonably compelling story, despite my confusion over what that story actually is. I confess that I’m actually *less* interested in the story now that I know it’s got psychics in it, but I’m odd like that, and I’m still pretty interested.

坂本ですが? vol. 1 (佐野 菜見)

So apparently I completely forgot to include an English translation when I first wrote this post! Oops...

This is a fun school-themed manga - yes, I know, that's most manga to be honest... Sakamoto (the titular protagonist, if you can't read Japanese) is a paragon of students: brilliant, athletic, brave, and capable in any task. You could imagine that this will make for a dull story, which is quite often the case with stories about implausibly skilled protagonists who just end up as Mary Sues. In this case, it didn't bother me at all. It feels to me as though Sakamoto is more of a force of nature than a protagonist here; rather, each chapter has its own protagonist, someone whose life is affected by Sakamoto. Although he is well-known, well-respected and admired by lots of girls, somehow Sakamoto evaded being a Mary Sue, perhaps because the text refuses to make it all about him. I really enjoyed this book - the Japanese was quite difficult for me, since it seems to be very colloquial and teenaged, but it was clear enough mostly.


I read 3 books, I began with 144, so 141 are left over. 頑張って!

Correction: I read 3 books, I began with 159, so 156 are left over. 頑張って!

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