Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Shaleeyn 2015

As shoh 2015!

Daa vlein erash, chooilleen mee yn Çhalee Lhaih as giarrey y carnane lioaryn ry-lhaih aym sheese dys 50. Cre'n obbyr noa ta foym?

Wahll, ta'n carnane erash. Kyndagh rhym cummal 'syn Çhapaan rish shey meeghyn, ta ymmodee lioaryn aym reesht, as cooid vooad jeu 'syn Çhapaanish. By vie lhiam, reesht, giarrey shen dys 50.

Chammah's shen, ta ymmodee filmyn aym er JABE, son s'mie lesh sleih elley cur JABEyn dou. By vie lhiam cooid vooar jeu y 'akin as ceau magh, giarrey eh dys 20 foddee. Ta mee foast geddyn jyskyn dagh mee liorish Lovefilm, myr shen nar lhig dooin reih dean neuyannooagh.

Cur jerrey er Dreadfleet. Ta mee foast troggal yn gamman shoh hooar mee daa ny tree bleeantyn erash! By vie lhiam eh y chloie laa ennagh!

As erskyn shen, cur lhiam fer jeh ny shaleeyn screeuee aym dys stayd cooilleenit. Gamman, skeeal, red erbee dy jarroo. Ta mooarane jeu ayn. By vie lhiam jerrey er red ennagh y chur mleeaney.

...oh, as feddyn staartey. Shen scanshoil, dy jarroo.

Hello 2015!

Two years ago, I completed the Reading Project and hacked my pile of unread books down to 50. What's new for 2015?

Well, sadly, the mountain is back. Especially due to me living in Japan for 6 months, I once again have too many unread books, many of them now in Japanese. I'd like to once again get that down to 50, though it's a big task.

That not being enough, I also have rather too many films on DVD, since people tend to give me those. I'd like to watch and dispose of a good chunk of those to clear space. Maybe down to 20 or so? I still get monthly DVDs from Lovefilm too, so let's not get too ambitious.

Finish painting Dreadfleet. I've been assembling this board game for a couple of years now, though there are many reasons for this. Nevertheless, I'd like to actually play it one day!

And above that, I'd really like to get one of my myriad writing projects to a finished state. A game, a story, anything really. I have so many on the boil, half-done. I'd like to get something accomplished this year.

...oh, and I should really find a job. That's pretty important.

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